2023 SANFL Girls Intrastate Carnival Results

Norwood had a seven-point victory over Sturt on Tuesday in the first round of the U15s Girls instrastate carnival. Photo - Peter Argent

LAST UPDATED: October 12, 9am


The annual SANFL Girls U15 and U17 Intrastate Carnival is set to shine during the second week of the October school holidays.

With matches to be played at various SANFL venues from October 10-12, the SANFL Girls Intrastate Carnival provides teenage girls from across the State with the opportunity to push for selection in the 2024 South Australian State teams.

The high standard also allows the SANFL clubs to observe the players’ performance against quality opposition before making selection decisions for 2024.

Selected games will be livestreamed with the link below thanks to KommunityTV

A fixture for the three-day carnival is below, make sure to return to this page throughout the week for results from both the U15 and U17 divisions.

SANFL Girls Intrastate Carnival Results


U15 South Adelaide 4.2 (26) defeated West Adelaide 2.7 (19)

Best Players
South Adelaide: Maddy Brown, Laya Vizgaudis, Taya Maxwell, Marely Tape, Hope Taylor
West Adelaide: Emily Mableson, Sienna Aldridge, Sarah Deed, Chelsea Newitt, Ava Barton

Goal Kickers
South Adelaide: Lily Dunstan-Bruce, Lily Harrison, Taya Maxwell, Molly Jenkins
West Adelaide: Lana Jaeschke, Mary-Rose Bahls-Kildea

U17 West Adelaide 5.3 (33) defeated South Adelaide 2.4 (16)

Best Players
West Adelaide: Abbie Solomon, Emma Robinson, Izzy Rawley, Zara Bowles, Grace Sim, Isobel Spooner
South Adelaide: Taya Parisi, Emily Steele, Miah Forrest, Mackenzie Bryowsky, Grace Deacon.

Goal Kickers
West Adelaide: Isabelle Trimboli, Isabelle Laudato, Lsabelle Rawley, Amy Spooner, Isobel Spooner
South Adelaide: Mackenzie Bryowsky, Taya Parisi

U15 Glenelg 3.8 (26) defeated Eagles 4.1 (25)

Best Players
Glenelg: Georgie Fielder, Maiya Foote, Sebella Coghlan, Ava Garborit, Coco Mackereth, Alani Casement
Eagles: Maia Fremantle, Abbi Rankine, Georgia Sands, Ava Shreeve, Sailor Cowen

Goal Kickers
Glenelg: Coco Mackereth 2, Lily Bartholomaeus
Eagles: Ava Shreeve, Lara Mohr, Asha Gooley, Ruby Matthews

U17 Glenelg 4.6 (30) defeated Eagles 1.1 (7)

Best Players
Glenelg: MacKenzie O’Dea, Lainey Hills, Elizabeth Johson, Lucy Weatherald, Zara East
Eagles: Lucy Moore, Imogen trengove, Bethanie Hoffman, Alisha Germain, Jasmine Turner, Charlie Knill

Goal Kickers
Glenelg: Lakeisha Sheffield 2, Riley Hebbard, Bailey Broome
Eagles: Ella Mohr

U15 Norwood 5.6 (36) v Sturt 4.5 (29)

Best Players
Norwood: Elke Cameron, Kiera Foster, Kate Alexander, Mikayla van Dommele, Taylah Pearson, Lara Gribben
Sturt: Erin Conn, Madeline Nuss, Indira Panelli, Lily Whiteman, Charlotte Copson, Indiana Ambrose-Pearce

Goal Kickers
Norwood: Mikayla van Dommele 2, Lily Thomas, Chelsea Marshall, Taylah Pearson
Sturt: Lola Beveridge 2, Isabelle Purdie, Saskia Kellaway

U17 Norwood 5.9 (39) defeated Sturt 3.5 (23)

Best Players
Norwood: Mia Salisbury, Charli Hazelhurst, Lottie Almond, Chloe Sternagel, Kahtea Siegert, Emma Daley
Sturt: Maddie Revell, Amelie D’Arcy, Riley Carroll, Summer Ross, Phoebe Neck, Aaliyah Fox

Goal Kickers
Norwood: Chloe Sternagel 3, Kyah Jaffer, Elizabeth Rowe
Sturt: Maddi Revell 2, Sienna Fox

U15 North Adelaide 12.7 (79) defeat Central District 0.1 (1)

Best Players
North Adelaide: Polly Turner, Lucy Reddaway, Caitlin Hardin, Iris Newman, Isobel McTaggart, Lottie Adams
Central District: Jyearah Newchurch, Izaeblla Nisbet, Marlee Welch

Goal Kickers
North Adelaide: Lucy Reddaway 5, Isobel McTaggart 2, Polly Turner, Chloe Nettle, Emmerson Lihow, Chrisite Cooper, Iris Newman
Central District: –

U17 Central District 3.8 (26) v North Adelaide 2.4 (16)

Best Players
Central District: Ellie Ward, Mik Antony, Tarly Borgas, Khiara Lindsay, Summer Nelson
North Adelaide: Maggie Clark, Bailey Murray, Sasha Hardin, Eliza Cooper, Amalie Innes. Zakira Wingfield

Goal Kickers
Central District: Khiara Lindsay, Lily Noye, Ella Litchfield
North Adelaide: Alexis Nieass, Kelis Jackson-Martin



U15 Eagles 3.7 (25) defeat West Adelaide 1.10 (16)

Best Players
Eagles: Abbi Rankine, Ava Shreeve, Georgia Rugari, Cleo Simpson, Maia Freemantle.
West Adelaide: Ebony Johnson, Ava Barton, Rosie O’Neill, Celia Collins, Alexandra White.

Goal Kickers
Eagles: Asha Gooley, Ruby Matthews.
West Adelaide: Ava Barton

U17 Eagles 8.6 (54) defeat West Adelaide 4.4 (28)

Best Players
Eagles: Lucy Moore, Imogen Trengove, Sophie Challis, Julia Watson, Mia Smith.
West Adelaide: Gracie Sim, Baylee Cooper, Isabelle Trimboli, Emma Robinson, Isobel Spooner, Abbie Solomon.

Goal Kickers
Eagles: Lucy Moore 3, Sophie Challis 2, Bianca Williams, Breanna Morton, Mia Smith.
West Adelaide: Isabelle Trimboli, Emma Robinson, Amy Shapley, Isobel Spooner.

U15 South Adelaide 2.13 (25) defeat Glenelg 2.8 (20)

Best Players
South Adelaide: Layla Vizgaudis, Kayla Schubert, Hope Taylor, Lily Dunstall-Bruce, Kaysha Dellow.
Glenelg: Georgie Fielder, Ava Garbort, Maya Foote, Charlotte O’Sullivan, Emme Day.

Goal Scorers
South Adelaide: Molly Jenkins, Olivia Baker.
Glenelg: Lily Bartholomaeus, Ava Walter.

U17 Glenelg 3.3 (21) defeat South Adelaide 2.4 (16)

Best Players
Glenelg: Jordy Horne, Ella Guest, Elizabeth Johnson, Lainey Hills, Chantay Waters.
South Adelaide: Miah Forrest, Kelesha Rewiti-Edwards, Eden Coleman, Carly Milsom, Emily Steele.

Goal Scorers
Glenelg: Molly deLaine, Heidi Berkin, Aleesha Robran.
South Adelaide: Kirsty Smith, Miah Forrest.

U15 Central District 2.9 (21) defeat v Norwood 0.4 (4)

Best Players
Central District: Ashleigh Heggie, Mikayla Wagner, Scarlett Wilkin, Jyearah Newchurch, Miyu Endersby.
Norwood: Elke Cameron, Ella Anderson, Amy Kosir, Sienna Jackway,Kirralee Johns, Layla Webb.

Goal Scorers
Central District: Illinca Barbo, Ava Marshall.
Norwood: –

U17 Central District 2.6 (18) defeat Norwood 0.6 (6)

Best Players
Central District: Tarly Borgas, S Woods, Akeira-Juliet Whichello, Emily Curnow, Mik Antony.
Norwood: Lottie Almond, Charli Hazelhurst, Emma Daley, Ella Strudwick, Kalea Siegert, Mia Salisbury.

Goal Kickers
Central District: Lauryn Farr, Tara Lord.
Norwood: –

U15 North Adelaide 11.13 (79) defeat Sturt 0.6 (6)

Best Players
North Adelaide: Iris Nemwan, Polly Turner, Nevaeh Ebert, Isabella Beaumont, Emmerson Lihou, Lucy Reddaway.
Sturt: Indianna Ambrose-Pearce, Madeline Nuss, Charlotte Copson, Erin Conn, Layla May, Isabel Smart.

Goal Kickers
North Adelaide: Lucy Reddaway 3, Iris Newman 2, Keira Copeland, Polly Turner, Emmerson Lihou, Caitlin Hardin, Gracie Kotz, Christie Cooper.
Sturt: –

U17 North Adelaide 5.4 (34) defeat Sturt 4.3 (27)

Best Players
North Adelaide: Maggie Clark, Bailey Murray, Jade Pelton, Georgia Robertson, Sasha Hardin, Charlie Price-Smith.
Sturt: Jess Hocking, Lily Smart, Popi Gikas, Summer Ross, Saskia Reynolds, Amelie O’Dea.

Goal Kickers
North Adelaide: Alexis Nieass 2, Georgia Robertson, Macy Phillpot, Maggie Clark.
Sturt: Keira May, Amelie D’Arcy 2.


Round 3 – Thursday 12th October

U15 South Adelaide 6.7 (43) defeat Eagles 2.3 (15)

Best Players
South Adelaide: Taya Maxwell, Lily Harrison, Jemma Liddell, Halle James, Molly Jenkins.
Eagles: Julia Faulkner, Ava Shreeve, Cleo Simpson, Maia Freemantle, Maeya Robinson.

Goal Scorers
South Adelaide: Lily Dunstall-Bruce, Taya Maxwell, Eve Disley, Layla Vizgaudis,
Eagles: Ava Shreeve, Brydie Van Dyk.

U17  Eagles 4.9 (33) defeat South Adelaide 3.4 (22)

Best Players
Eagles: Imogen Trengove, Lucy Moore, Madelaine Paech, Bethanie Hoffman, Julia Watson.
South Adelaide: Carly Milsom, Esther Rayner, Lily Jinks, Josephine Hoare.

Goal Scorers
Eagles: Ella Mohr 2, Sophie Challis, Imogen Trengove.
South Adelaide: Emily Steele 2, Taya Parisi.

U15 West Adelaide 6.5 (41) defeat Glenelg 4.2 (26)

Best Players
West Adelaide: Emily Mableson, Sienna Aldridge, Ava Barton, Sarah Deed, Chelsea Newett, Sage Spencer.
Glenelg: Georgie Fielder, Charlotte O’Sullivan, Grace Altschwager, Imogen Luke, Sebella Coglan.

Goal Scorers
West Adelaide: Ava Barton 2, Lana Jaeschke, Sienna Aldridge, Sage Spencer, Poppy Lea.
Glenelg: Jemima Wilmore, Lily Bartholomaeus, Charlotte O’Sullivan, Grace Altschwager.

U17 Gleneg 3.6 (24) defeat West Adelaide 1.1 (7)

Best Players
Glenelg: Jordan Horne, Elizabeth Johnson, Molly de Laine, Mackenzie O’Dea, Lakeisha Sheffield.
West Adelaide: Isobel Spooner, Abbie Solomon, Niamh Keane, Rosie Tennant, Gracie Sim, Izzy Rawley, Baylee Cooper.

Goal Scorers
Glenelg: Molly de Laine, Aleesha Robran, Lakeisha Sheffield.
West Adelaide: Tara Pirone.

U15 North Adelaide 6.6 (42) defeat Norwood 2.6 (18)

Best Players
North Adelaide: Ava Mooney, Caitlin Hardin, Emmerson Lihou, Isabella Beaumont, Polly Turner.
Norwood: Laura Wilson, Elke Cameron, Riley Pearson, Lily Thomas, Molly Sennar, Louise McPhee.

Goal Scorers
North Adelaide: Gracie Kotz, Christie Cooper 2, Isobel McTaggart, Emmerson Lihou.
Norwood: Riley Pearson, Ava Thomson.

U17 Norwood 7.4 (46) defeat North Adelaide 3.3 (21)

Best Players
Norwood: Isabella Calvanese, Ella Strudwick, Kyah Jaffer, Lottie Almond, Emma Daley, Charli Hazelhurst.
North Adelaide: Maggie Clark, Georgia Robertson, Amalie Innes, Sasha Hardin, Imogen Myles, Bailey Murray.

Goal Scorers
Norwood: Isabella Calvanese 4, Ella Strudwick 2, Kia Bascomb.
North Adelaide: Maggie Clark, Amalie Innes, Alexis Nieass.

U15 Central District 3.5 (23) defeat Sturt 1.1 (7)

Best Players
Central District: Miyu Endersby, Ashleigh Heggie, Bella Riggs, Jyearah Newchurch, Tara Lord.
Sturt: Skout Young, Millie Park, Lily Whitehorn, Saskia Kellaway, Georgia Emes, Chloe Davis.

Goal Scorers
Central District: Indianna Nelson, Tara Lord, Isabella Riggs.
Sturt: Isabelle Purdie.

U17 Central District 1.5 (11) defeat Sturt 1.2 (8)

Best Players
Central District: Astarsia Wood, Khiara Lindsay, Ellie Ward, Emily Curnow, Sophie Bevis.
Sturt: Jade Bayly, Saskia Reynolds, Maddie Revell, Jess Hocking, Lily Smart, Amelie D’Arcy.

Goal Scorers
Central District: Astarsia Wood.
Sturt: Lily Pascoe.

SANFL Girls Intrastate Carnival Fixture

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