2022 NAB AFL Draft Combine Results

Glenelg's Jakob Ryan feels the pain after his impressive 2km Time Trial. Picture - Jonathan DiMaggio (AFL Photos)


Woodville-West Torrens’ Mattaes Phillipou has underlined his exciting athleticism with the release of the top South Australian results from the 2022 NAB AFL Draft Combine.

Tipped to be the first Croweater selected in this year’s AFL National Draft, Phillipou was the only SA player to break the three-second barrier in the 20m sprint with a time of 2.993 while also finishing in the top five in four of the five test categories.

The long-kicking left-footer registered the highest leap of 83cm in the Running Vertical Jump with his right hand while placing second with 87cm behind South’s Will Verrall with his left hand.

Phillipou, the son of former Eagles and Port Adelaide forward Sam Phillipou, also displayed his endurance by finishing third among SANFL prospects for the 2km time trial with a time of 6:25.

He was third behind Norwood’s Max Michalanney in the Agility Test, with the Redlegs defender recording a time of 8.36 seconds while also finishing inside the top five Croweaters for the 2km Time Trial, 20m sprint and two of the three Vertical Jump tests.

Verrall was equal third at the National Combine with his impressive leap of 90cm in the Running Vertical Leap with his left hand.

Glenelg half-back Jakob Ryan caught the eye with his running versatility, placing first in the 2km Time Trial (6:16) while just being pipped by Phillipou in the 20m Sprint after registering 3.01 seconds.

Ryan was also fourth in the Agility Test with a time of 8.566 seconds as North midfielder Billy Dowling appeared in the top five of all three jump tests together with a second placing in the 2km Time Trial.

2km Time Trial

Player SANFL Club Time (Minutes)
Jakob Ryan Glenelg 6:16
Billy Dowling North 6:21
Mattaes Phillipou Eagles 6:25
Max Michalanney Norwood 6:30
Harry Barnett West 6:32

20m Sprint

Player SANFL Club Time (Seconds)
Mattaes Phillipou Eagles 2.993
Jakob Ryan Glenelg 3.01
Isaac Keeler North 3.019
Max Michalanney Norwood 3.028
Will Verrall South 3.046

South Adelaide’s Will Verrall showing off his speed in the 20m Sprint. Picture – Jonathan DiMaggio (AFL Photos)

Agility Test

Player SANFL Club Time (Seconds)
Max Michalanney Norwood 8.362
Billy Dowling North 8.413
Mattaes Phillipou Eagles 8.478
Jakob Ryan Glenelg 8.566
Adam D'Aloia Eagles 8.717

Standing Vertical Jump

Player SANFL Club Height (cm)
Will Verrall South 67
Jaiden Magor South 66
Max Michalanney Norwood 64
Harry Barnett West 62
Billy Dowling North 61

South’s Jaiden Magor shows off his vertical leap in the Standing Vertical Jump. Picture – Jonathan DiMaggio (AFL Photos)

Running Vertical Jump - Right

Player SANFL Club Height (cm)
Mattaes Phillipou Eagles 83
Max Michalanney Norwood 76
Will Verrall South 73
Billy Dowling North 72
Jaiden Magor South 69

Running Vertical Jump - Left

Player SANFL Club Height (cm)
Will Verrall South 90
Mattaes Phillipou Eagles 87
Billy Dowling North 75
Jakob Ryan Glenelg 75
Harry Barnett West 75
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