2021 AFLW Combine Wrap

South Australia's attendees at the AFLW Combine - Back Row (L to R) - Zoe Venning (West), Zoe Prowse (Sturt), Gypsy Schirmer (South), Leah Cutting (Norwood). Front Row (L to R) - Tahlita Buethke (South), Brooke Tonon (Glenelg), Lauren Breguet (Central), Abbie Ballard (West). Picture - Peter Argent


South Adelaide utility Gypsy Schirmer has displayed her impressive versatility at the South Australian AFLW Combine.

A member of the AFLW Academy, Schirmer was the fastest Croweater in the 20m Sprint, while also finishing inside the top three of the Agility Test, Standing Vertical Jump and Running Vertical Jump (Right Hand).

Sturt’s Zoe Prowse caught the eye with her natural leap, winning all three Vertical Jump tests while also placing third in the 2km Time Trial.

Norwood premiership veteran Leah Cutting showed off her aerobic capacity by winning the 2km Time Trial in 7.56 minutes, ahead of West Adelaide’s Zoe Venning in 8.31 minutes.

Panther Tahlita Buethke put her best foot forward in both running events, finishing second in the 20m Sprint and placing first in the Agility Test.

The AFLW Draft will be held on Tuesday July 27 from 6pm SA time.




Norwood veteran Leah Cutting claimed honours in the 2km time trial. Picture – Peter Argent

Top 3 Testing Results

20m Sprint
Gypsy Schirmer (South) 3.295 seconds
Tahlita Buethke (South) 3.342 seconds
Brooke Tonon (Glenelg) 3.359 seconds

2km Time Trial
Leah Cutting (Norwood) 7.56 minutes
Zoe Venning (West) 8.31 minutes
Zoe Prowse (Sturt) 8.46 minutes

Agility Test
Tahlita Buethke (South) 8.517 seconds
Abbie Ballard (West) 8.575 seconds
Gypsy Schirmer (South) 8.618 seconds

Standing Vertical Jump
Zoe Prowse (Sturt) 46cm
Gypsy Schirmer (South) 45cm
Lauren Breguet (Central) 45cm

Running Vertical Jump (Left)
Zoe Prowse (Sturt) 64cm
Lauren Breguet (Central) 54cm
Brooke Tonon (Glenelg) 54cm

Running Vertical Jump (Right)
Zoe Prowse (Sturt) 55cm
Zoe Venning (West) 49cm
Gypsy Schirmer (South) 48cm

Glenelg’s Brooke Tonon in the Vertical Jump. Picture – Peter Argent

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