SANFL welcomes all to Multicultural Umpiring Course


SANFL is partnering with the Bachar Houli Foundation to tailor its Basic Umpiring Course for teenagers from a multicultural background.

Seven Muslim girls from the Middle East and Africa, attending Pinnacle College north of Adelaide, were recently introduced to all three umpiring disciplines at Thebarton Oval.

Bachar Houli Foundation Game Development Trainee Layan Saadeh played an integral role in delivering the specially-designed course, aimed at welcoming multicultural girls to Australian Football via umpiring.

“This is an opportunity for those girls that a younger me would have absolutely loved,” Layan said.

”My goal is to ensure this is not a one-off thing, and that we continue to make opportunities not just for Muslim girls, but accommodate for every girl who is looking to be involved in our sport.”

On completion of the Basic Umpires Course, the girls will now begin their umpiring journey in the 2023 National Pharmacies SANFL Juniors season.

”Umpiring is an excellent way to be meet new people within the community, be a part of a team environment and get involved with our great game,” SANFL Junior Umpiring Manager Jason Brown said.

”It is important the girls feel supported in regards to feeling comfortable in their uniforms while being encouraged to aspire to higher levels of umpiring as their experience develops.

”Layan is doing a fantastic job in helping break down any barriers to ensure Australian Football in South Australia is the game for everyone to be involved with.”


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