Players to take a unified stance against violence

By SANFL Media

SANFL players together with more than 12,000 participants in National Pharmacies SANFL Juniors will take a stance against violence this weekend for the Sammy D Foundation Violence Prevention Round.

Players representing all 52 SANFL Juniors clubs across the metropolitan area will wear blue armbands during matches to help promote a culture of non-violence on and off the field.

In addition, a number of SANFL clubs also will participate in Violence Prevention Round this weekend at Hostplus SANFL League matches to help increase awareness about changing community attitudes towards violence.

In a show of unity against violence, over 30,000 players at 160 different sporting clubs will don the blue arm bands across the weekend in a visual display of saying NO to violence and YES to mateship.


Hectorville Football Club’s Keira Neill and Payneham Norwood Union’s Callan Koch pictured with SANFL’s Oliver Graham. Keira and Callan will be among 12,000 National Pharmacies SANFL Juniors participating in Sammy D Foundation Violence Prevention Round this weekend. Picture – Sarah Reed

Fifteen years ago, 17-year-old South Adelaide player Sam Davis’ life was tragically cut short by a one-punch attack. In his memory, the Sammy D Foundation was formed to educate young people on the impacts of bullying, violence and drug and alcohol misuse.

SANFL Juniors & Schools Manager Oliver Graham said initiatives such as Sammy D Foundation Violence Prevention Round and education programs could have a very powerful effect on both children and parents and caregivers.

“National Pharmacies SANFL Juniors plays a key role in the lives of its 12,000-plus young players and umpires,” Graham said.

“As the biggest junior Australian football competition in the nation, we have a great opportunity to educate and equip young people with valuable skills that go far beyond the footy field.

“Ultimately, we want to ensure everyone enjoys their experience playing junior footy and become lifelong supporters of our great game.

Further to participating in Sammy D Violence Prevention Foundation, National Pharmacies SANFL Juniors has also demonstrated its commitment to promoting positive on-field behaviour by expanding its successful ‘Sit Down to Coach’ Rounds in 2024.

After its successful pilot programs over the past two years, the seated coaching initiative across nine rounds is designed to remove emotion and provide a calm approach.

In a positive sign, so far this season there has been a 20 per cent reduction in the number of red and yellow cards being issued in SANFL Juniors matches.

“As a League, we can’t do this alone and we congratulate all of our SANFL Juniors clubs and volunteers who have continued to take a terrific approach to managing behaviour this year.”

To show your support for the Sammy D Violence Prevention Round, purchase a Sammy D beanie for $25 or make a donation at

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