Auskick Coordinator Webinar Series

To view a full calendar, view the webinar series schedule HERE. Click on the desired webinar topic from the list below to open and view the recorded webinar:

Webinar 1: What is an Auskick Coordinator?Detailing all requirements of the Auskick Coordinator role
Webinar 2: How to run an Auskick SessionUnderstanding activities & how to structure sessions
Webinar 3: Promotion and PlayHQHow to access promotional resources & navigate Play HQ
Webinar 4: Equipment and Apparel – Ensure your centre has enough equipment, accessing the Auskick shop and what to wear
Webinar 5: CoachingOutlining all resources available to improve coaching skills
Webinar 6: Who do I go to for support?  – Who are your best support people are and how they will support you
Webinar 7: Communication – Learn the best way to communicate with all your stakeholders and why
Webinar 8: Queries/Customer Support Find out how to manage various common queries
Webinar 9: Coordinator Incentives – What’s in it for me as an Auskick Coordinator? Learn about all your incentives
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