National Pharmacies SANFL Juniors Skills at Home

There’s never been a more important time to keep your skills up.

With no footy training on at the moment, here is your chance to hone your kicking, marking and handballing while enjoying your moment on the big stage of SANFL’s Instagram account.

National Pharmacies SANFL Juniors Skills at Home is a rare opportunity to film your eye-catching feats in the backyard or at the local oval but instead of just sharing with your mates, now you can bask in the glory of footy fans across South Australia.

Once you have captured your memorable moment, simply add the hashtag #SANFLSkills while posting on Instagram or send the video via a Direct Message to SANFL’s Instagram account.

Weekly clips will also be posted to SANFL’s YouTube Channel for extra exposure.

Entries are open to any junior footballers – male or female – across the state so make sure you represent your team by wearing your club’s colours while in action.

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