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New chairman to lead Limestone Coast football council

SANFL is pleased to announce the appointment of Trevor Smart as Chairman of the SANFL Limestone Coast Regional Council (LCRC) which represents community football on the State’s Limestone Coast.

Formerly known as the South East Regional Council, the rebadged council will continue to provide support and resourcing for the four football leagues in the region under the leadership of Mr Smart, who is also CEO of Naracoorte Lucindale Council.

SANFL Community Football Manager Matt Duldig said Mr Smart’s strong business and social connections in the Limestone Coast region would enable the regional council to better engage with league administrators and club volunteers.

“Trevor has the business acumen and existing strong ties with the local communities to steer football on the Limestone Coast in the right direction,” Mr Duldig said.

“Country football is home to half of all club participants across South Australia and more than 4,000 participants in the Limestone Coast region, not to mention the countless volunteers.

“It’s a crucial part of the social fabric of regional communities, but to be at their best, we recognise that leagues need extra resources and support.”

The Limestone Coast Regional Council – the first regional council to be established by SANFL in 2017 – represents the Kowree-Naracoorte Tatiara, Mid-South Eastern, Western Border and Limestone Coast Women’s leagues.

Mr Duldig acknowledged the significant contribution over the past two years of inaugural Chairman Frank Brennan who recently resigned due to work commitments.

Mr Smart said he was looking forward to guiding the SANFL LCRC in developing an action plan to build and implement a structure for sustainable football and netball competitions on the Limestone Coast.

He said a priority would be to closely engage with local leagues and clubs to assess what the future of football could look like, including umpire support and development, league & club governance and what approach should be taken to regional football functions and events.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to chair the LCRC, we have a great group of people who have excellent skills and backgrounds that can benefit football in the region,” he said.

“Football in the region is extremely strong and has a rich history, and while it’s important that we recognise this history, we also need to look to how we can collectively improve country football’s long-term future.”

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