Published on: Mar 03 2017 | Author: Zac Milbank |

Most ardent SANFL fans vividly recall the infamous incident between Port Adelaide’s Tim Evans and Norwood’s Craig Balme before the 1984 Grand Final.

But few may remember the second round of the bout which spilled into the first pre-season match of 1985 at Football Park.

Plenty of anticipation surrounded how the pair would react when they went to their positions before the bounce, having traded blows during the national anthem of the previous year’s title decider.

However, those expecting another fight were left disappointed after Evans and Balme kept their distance in the wake of Evans refusing to shake Balme’s hand.

By the end of the game, Evans finished with a tally of 1.3 as his Magpies edged across the line by two points.

It is this sort of vision which the SANFL History Centre would be interested in obtaining if anyone from the public has any old tapes with SANFL matches/highlights on them.

Currently, the SANFL History Centre has more than 2600 rolls of film and tape to sift through and digitise in what will be a massive project overseen by Manager Chris Halbert.

”It wouldn’t matter if they were personal copies, or if they came from unusual sources, we would ask no questions, as the aim is to have a complete record of games and events,” Mrs Halbert said.

”I’m sure there’s plenty of people out there with this sort of thing in the shed, but very soon there will not be machines to play them on, and they will be lost.”

If anyone has any SANFL vision on tapes or film to donate, contact Mrs Halbert at [email protected]

To celebrate SANFL’s 140th anniversary, the SANFL History Centre is preparing a major display of priceless artefacts at the State Library in 2017.

Set to be held between June 6 and August 13, the SANFL 140-year exhibition will include an array of Magarey Medals and other pieces of rare memorabilia currently being catalogued and restored by a bevy of volunteers at the SANFL History Centre in Bowden.

Under the guidance of History Committee Chairman Dion McCaffrie, SANFL History Centre Manager Chris Halbert has been instrumental in collecting, organising and restoring a wide variety of items for the exhibition.


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