Australian footy is loved, played and followed by many in South Australia and SANFL is proud to be a strong advocate for inclusion and diversity. We strive for those in leadership roles to reflect the football community to which we deliver our great game.

Equal Goals is a SANFL initiative funded by the Office for Recreation, Sport & Racing which aims to support SANFL and its Clubs with increasing the diversity of boards and leadership groups, along with sharing best practice examples of how we can build and foster inclusive cultures.

The Equal Goals Pathway Program is a unique course delivered by SANFL in partnership with Get on Board Australia to help aspiring leaders from all walks of life learn more about footy and how to connect with SANFL Clubs.

It is providing capable people with the training, support and access to the football network in order to provide the best possible opportunity to take up a board or leadership position at SANFL clubs.

The program involves a seven-module online governance course that has been especially designed to prepare participants for a board or committee position at a SANFL Club.

The program also offers a variety of events and network opportunities to build a profile in the football industry in South Australia.

Applications are welcome from individuals wishing to join a SANFL Club board or sub-Committee. An understanding of football is desirable, but not essential. Women, Indigenous Australians, people with a disability and individuals from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

More information regarding the 2019 program will be available in May. To register your interest, please complete the contact us form below.

Why Equal Goals?

Australian Football has a wide appeal in our community and we believe that passion should be the only pre-requisite for participation.

By embracing the different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences of people, we want to bring greater diversity and an inclusive culture to SANFL Clubs.

It’s widely recognised that many benefits are associated with fostering a diverse workforce and inclusive culture, including:

  • Increased engagement and satisfaction – a positive and significant relationship exists between overall job satisfaction and how individuals perceive diverse groups are treated
  • Innovation – bringing together varied perspectives can result in improved decision-making and a more holistic analysis of opportunities and challenges faced by our sport
  • Enhanced service to participants and stakeholders – an administration that is as diverse and representative of our participants and stakeholders is better equipped to understand, anticipate and respond to their needs
  • Increased productivity and performance – diverse representation on boards, as well as at executive and senior management level can positively impact performance
  • Enhanced ability to attract talent – having the best talent is critical to success on and off the field. Environments that are equally appealing to all people will enable access to a larger pool of talent.

Welcome to the Boardroom


  • Directors’ Duties
  • Role of Director
  • Board Meetings
  • Committees

Strategy and Risk

  • Strategy
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance


  • Analysing Financial Statements
  • Delegations


The SANFL Club Board Key Governance Responsibilities

  • The Role of the Board Members
  • The Role of Sub-Committees
  • Rights and Legal Obligations of Board Members
  • Skills and Attributes of a Board Member
  • What Does this Commitment Involve?
  • Effective Boards

Governance and Legal Responsibilities

The Governance Principles

  • What is a Constitution?
  • What is an Incorporated Club?
  • Operating at Best Practice
  • Due Diligence before Joining the Board

SANFL Club Risk Management

  • What is Risk?
  • How to Manage Risk
  • The Importance of Culture and Behaviour
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Policies and Processes

SANFL Club Financial Management

  • What is Financial Management?
  • Why Budgets are Important
  • How to Read the Financial Reports
  • Monitoring Ongoing Performance
  • Financial Controls and Auditing
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