U18 Torrens Uni Cup MVP

Round 18: Patrick Fairlie (West)
From the Goodwood Saints, Fairlie racked up 43 disposals and 11 marks through the midfield in the Bloods’ huge win against Glenelg.

Round 17: Jack Lukosius (Eagles)
From the Henley Football Club, the key forward booted a game-high six goals to go with his 23 disposals and 10 marks against Norwood on Saturday.

Round 16: Jordan O’Brien (Central)
From Salisbury North FC, O’Brien collected 26 disposals and booted four goals in his team’s big win against Norwood.

Round 15: Darnell Tucker (South)
From Happy Valley FC, Tucker racked up 23 disposals, four tackles and five goals in the Panthers’ massive win against Norwood at Hickinbotham Oval.

Round 14: Stefan Giro (Norwood)
Last year’s winner of the award, Giro racked up 36 disposals, 10 marks and two goals in his team’s win against the Double Blues.

Round 13: Jakob Heitmann (West)
From Goodwood Saints, Heitmann racked up 34 disposals, 11 marks and two goals in West’s narrow win against the Bulldogs.

Round 12: Boyd Woodcock (North)
From the Yorke Peninsula, Woodcock chalked up 26 disposals, six marks and a goal in the Roosters’ win against Sturt.

Round 11: Tom Sparrow (South)
From Bridgewater Football Club, Sparrow collected 30 disposals, six marks and four tackles in the Panthers’ win against North.

Round 10: Nick Moore (Eagles)
From SMOSH West Lakes, Moore racked up 28 disposals, nine marks and a goal in his team’s huge win against the Tigers.

Round 9: Cameron McGree (South)
From Reynella FC, McGree racked up 24 disposals, 39 hitouts, nine marks, seven clearances and two goals in the Panthers’ win against the Eagles.

Round 8: Luke Bogle (South)
From Blackwood, Bogle finished with 39 disposals, eight marks and a goal in the Panthers’ big win against the Tigers.

Round 7: Josh Smithson (West)
From Karoonda Football Club, the Bloods’ midfielder racked up 33 disposals, four tackles and three goals in his team’s win against Glenelg.

Round 6: Edward Allan (Sturt)
From the Uraidla Football Club, Allan racked up 41 disposals, eight tackles and two goals in his team’s win against North Adelaide.

Round 5: Jordan Houlahan (Sturt)
From Mount Barker Football Club, Houlahan racked up 28 possessions and nine tackles playing as an inside midfielder against West Adelaide.


Round 4: Cooper Gaffney (Eagles)
The younger brother of senior Eagle Jack Gaffney, Cooper racked up 23 disposals, six marks and 15 tackles in his team’s win against Sturt.

Round 3: James Rowe (Eagles)
Originally from the Henley Football Club, Rowe finished with 30 disposals and two goals in the Eagles’ win against North at Prospect. The son of former Crows and Norwood rover Stephen Rowe, James Rowe is a current member of the SA Under-18 Academy.

Round 2: Connor Rozee (North)
Originally from the Broadview Football Club, Rozee racked up a staggering 39 disposals, six marks, 11 tackles and a goal against Central on Thursday night.

Round 1: Adam Trenorden (Sturt)
Recruited from Hahndorf Football Club in the Hills, Trenorden racked up 31 disposals, 13 marks and 10 tackles in his team’s win against Glenelg

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