Registrations are now open for the 2019 SANFL Juniors Season

If your child is born in 2013 or later, it is recommended your child is registered at an Auskick Centre
Otherwise, click the link below for the club you wish to register for. Contact should be made with your chosen SANFL Juniors club if you are a new participant.

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  1. How long do participants have to register?
    Registrations for new participants can occur at any time before or during the 2019 season.
  2. My child is looking for a new Club, how do I register?
    If your child is already playing at a football Club and is looking to change Clubs, a transfer will need to be arranged. Please see your new Club for details on arranging this and when transfer windows are open.
  3. How much does it cost to register my child?
    Each Club sets their own costs for participants and costs can vary from Club to Club. Please seek advice from your Club Registrar or Committee.
  4. Where can I get help with registering a participant?
    Each club has a unique arrangement for registrations. For specific advice or assistance, please contact the relevant Club Registrar or Committee.