Published on: Oct 02 2018 | Author: SANFL |

The SA Football Commission today approved a series of changes to regulations for players on the Port Adelaide and Adelaide Football Clubs’ supplementary lists.

The process involved detailed consideration by the Commission, with the changes designed to enhance the attractiveness and quality of the SANFL Competition.

Intended to provide an opportunity for players who would otherwise be overlooked for selection on a SANFL senior list, the changes also relate to players involved with the Power and Crows’ Next Generation and Father-Son Academies.

‘’In making these changes we were determined to ensure that SANFL and its clubs continue to provide the best talent pathway opportunities to young South Australians, ensuring as many players as possible reach the AFL,’’ SANFL Football Operations Manager Tom Hurley said.

‘’It will ultimately increase the pool of talent at SANFL level, whilst maximising the resource available for talent development in this state. In that respect, it is important SANFL continues to make decisions on talent in South Australia, taking into account the ever-changing national framework.

“Importantly, SANFL Clubs will remain the primary talent development pathway for young South Australian males and females.”

Furthermore, it has also been agreed by both the Port Adelaide Football Club and SA Football Commission that PAFC no longer field a team in the SANFL Reserves competition.

As a result, from season 2019, the SANFL Reserves competition will become an eight-team competition.

“Having an even number of teams in the Reserves competition, which will now align with the eight-team Under 18 Torrens University Cup competition, will remove the need for a bye each week,’’ Hurley said.

‘’It will also provide for a more effective competition structure with respect to the fixturing of games across all grades of SANFL competition.’’


The SA Football Commission concluded the annual review of the licence conditions and list regulations pertaining to the Adelaide and Port Adelaide Football Club participation in the SANFL competition and has approved the following as players eligible for the AFL clubs supplementary lists:

  • Any South Australian player who is attaining the age of 19 or older and who is not on the Senior List of a SANFL Club (which is a list of 40 players).
  • One Leadership Player who has attained the age of twenty six (26) years prior to or during the calendar year in which he is first included on the supplementary list who has been on any AFL list in the season immediately prior.
  • A maximum of four players from interstate that have attained the age of 18 on January 1st in the year in which they are first included on the AFL club supplementary list (turning 19) but who have not attained the age of 21 on January 1st , each of which can be listed for a maximum of two seasons.
  • AFL approved Next Generation Academy (NGA) and Father Son players can be temporarily permitted during their 18th and 19th years (the years in which they are eligible for drafting with concessions) if nominated by the AFL club they are aligned to. It should be noted that this is subject to the player electing and agreeing to being nominated by AFC and PAFC for temporary permit.
    • In the 18th year, such a player can be permitted for a period of four games, but will not be eligible for a permit if they have already played League Football at their SANFL club. The SANFL Club will receive a fee in the sum of $2,500.
    • In the 19th year, a nominated NGA and Father Son player would be available for selection at AFC or PAFC only. At the conclusion of their 19th year SANFL club will have the right to list the player on their senior list. The SANFL Club will receive a fee, in addition to any fee received in the players 18th year, in the sum of $5,000.

Also, a player payment cap will be introduced for the AFC and PAFC in line with the other SANFL clubs, consisting of:

  • Match payments at a maximum of $400 per League match.
  • An upfront/base payment maximum (per individual) of $4,000.
  • Total upfront/base payments (collective) of not more than $20,000.
  • In addition, the Leadership Player can only be paid a maximum upfront/ base payment of $20,000 and match payments of $500 per match. If the player was drafted from a SANFL Club prior to his AFL listing, there will also be a transfer fee payable to the SANFL Club in the sum of $25,000, as is the case if the player were to play for any other SANFL Club.

The AFC and PAFC contracted supplementary list will include:

  • A maximum Contracted Supplementary List of 10 players (including NGA and father son players in their 19th year, such players in their 18th year would be excluded).
  • A contracted supplementary list player is protected and cannot transfer without consent of AFC or PAFC. Only supplementary list players can be paid a base or upfront payment.  Contract period is limited to 12 months (or one season).
  • Any player otherwise eligible for the supplementary list can be registered to play on permit from their community club with AFC or PAFC. There is no limit on the number of permitted players.

The changes to the list regulations will provide developmental opportunities at the AFC and PAFC for South Australian Next Generation and Father Son eligible players and other aspirational players who are lacking opportunity at SANFL League level or who are not a part of the SANFL competition.  It also allows for listing of interstate players that the AFL clubs have an interest in working with and whom they believe may develop into players who could be listed on their AFL lists.

The changes will ultimately increase the pool of SANFL League quality players and maximise the resource of AFC and PAFC for South Australian talent development.

It has also been agreed by the PAFC and the SA Football Commission that the PAFC will no longer field a team in the SANFL Reserves competition.  This results in an eight team Reserves competition for season 2019.