Published on: Aug 20 2018 | Author: Zac Milbank |

Click here to view all of the scores and best afield medal winners from the 2018 SANFL Juniors Girls Grand Finals.

Prospect Oval
Under 12 Girls Zone 1
Modbury 0.1-0 def by Golden Grove 6.11-47
Best On Ground Medal: Tahlia Lienert (Golden Grove)

Under 14 Girls Zone 1
Salisbury 4.5-29 def Golden Grove 3.5-23
Best on Ground Medal: Tayla Botten (Salisbury)

Under 16 Girls Zone 1
Hope Valley 4.10-34 def Tea Tree Gully 4.0-24
Best on Ground Medal: Alana Lishmund (Hope Valley)

Under 16 Girls Zone 3
Port District 2.3-20 def Plympton 2.6-18
Best on Ground Medal: Chloe Schwarz (Port District)

Peter Motley Oval
Under 12 Girls Zone 2
SMOSH West Lakes 4.3-27 def Mitcham 2.2-14
Best on Ground Medal: Taylor Friend (SMOSH West Lakes)

Under 12 Girls Zone 3
Henley 4.6-30 def by Port District 4.7-31
Best on Ground Medal: Klaudia O’Neill (Port District)

Under 14 Girls Zone 2
Henley 2.2-14 def Blackwood 2.0-12
Best on Ground Medal: Georgie Davis (Henley)

Under 14 Girls Zone 3
Henley 2.3-15 def SMOSH West Lakes 2.2-14
Best on Ground Medal: Ella Boag (Henley)

Under 16 Girls Zone 2
Mitcham 1.2-8 def by Blackwood 2.4-16
Best on Ground Medal: Zoe Venning (Blackwood)


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