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Click here for the Round 11 Macca’s League teams ahead of the five matches to be played across Saturday and Sunday.

Two games will feature on Saturday and three on Sunday, with one game on each day to be telecast on Channel 7.

Saturday June 16

Eagles v West Adelaide (Maughan Thiem Hyundai Oval) – 2.10pm
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Forgotten Eagles midfielder Jake Comitogianni could play his first Macca’s League game of the season against West on Saturday.

The ball magnet has been named on a four-man extended interchange bench with fellow inclusion Jack Firns, who has recovered from a shoulder injury.

The pair are in contention to replace Angus Poole, who will miss one match after accepting an early guilty plea for laying a rough tackle against the Crows in Round 10.


F: Johansen, N. Hayes, Haylock

HF: Rowe, J. Hayes, Gray

C: Rowland, Lewis, Hall

HB: Westbrook, Thompson, Goldsworthy

B: Giuffreda, Von Bertouch, Stewart


R: Redden, Sharrad, Boyd

INT: Guilhaus, Lee, Comitogianni, Firns

IN: Firns, Comitogianni

OUT: Poole (suspension)


McLeod, Cook, Hawkins, Sibley, Minney, Weidemann, Schmusch, X.Redden, Martin, C.Gaffney, E.Miller, J.Miller, Moore, Wehr, Mead, McKay, Heinjus, Wood, Bruce, Borholm, J.Gaffney.

F: Pratico, Coff, Thompson
HF: Friend, Armfield, Francis
C: Burgoyne, Pudney, Beecken
HB: Smith, McNeilly, Hawkins
B: Williams, Carter, Tape

R: Michael, Bailey, McNeil
INT: Drewer, Firns, Fuller-Klemasz, Jackson, Nicholas, Pearce, Pratico, Tiller




West Adelaide has regained a goalsneak in timely fashion for the clash with the Eagles on Saturday.

Former Geelong rookie Zac Bates have overcome a minor hip injury to be named on a five-man interchange bench.

His presence could be crucial given the Bloods will be without livewire Izak Rankine, who will play for the McDonald’s SA U18 team on Sunday.

Murray Waite and Dustin Head have also joined Bates in the 23-man squad after spending last round in the Reserves.


F: B. Turner, Beech, Karpany

HF: Anderson, Middleton, Green

C: Batley, Stevens, Noble

HB: Porplyzia, Burgess, Hill

B: Agostino, Wilson, J. Ryan


R: Parrella, Keough, Schiller

INT: Head, Bates, Wasley-Black, J. Evans, Waite

IN: Bates, Waite, Head

OUT: Rankine (McDonald’s SA U18)

Hupfeld, Pillion, Peter, McPherson, L. Ryan, Kirk, Heitmann, L. Evans, I. Johnson, Dunkin, Majok, Holliday, O. Johnson, G. Turner, Noonan, Osborn, Halkias, Miller, Fairlie, Lynch, Gutsche.

Caruso, Dalgleish, Haysman, Gutsche, Gilbert, Horstmann, Earl, Hannagan, Milde, Heitmann, Morelli, Boylan, Neumann, Nunan, Westley, Hocking, Chamberlain, Tuckwell, Kent, Kennedy, Tierney, Wulff.


Norwood v Glenelg (Coopers Stadium) – 2.40pm
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Norwood has welcomed back its first-choice ruckman for the contest against Glenelg at The Parade on Saturday.

A late withdrawal last Saturday due to personal reasons, Sam Baulderstone will start in the centre square against the Tigers.

He has been joined in the Redlegs’ 23-man squad by pacy wingman Anthony Wilson, former Bulldog Caleb Edmead, utility Zac Richards and BankSA Rookie Nick Pedro.

Key defender Mac Bower will miss the next seven weeks after suffering a broken nose against the Bloods while emerging forward Mitch Carter has been sidelined by a shoulder ailment.

Ruckman James Siviour, who made his Macca’s League debut last round, will play for the McDonald’s SA Under-18 team against Victoria Country on Sunday.


F: Glenn, Shenton, Bampton

HF: Gerloff, Dawe, Hamilton

C: Nunn, Panos, L. Johnston

HB: Bode, Talia, McKenzie

B: Wilkins, Georgiou, Smart


R: Baulderstone, Grigg, Abbott

INT: Fuller, Z. Richards, Edmead, Pedro, A. Wilson

IN: Baulderstone, A. Wilson, Edmead, Z. Richards, Pedro

OUT: Bower (nose), Carter (shoulder), Siviour (McDonald’s SA U18)


Ball, Olsson, Giannini, T. Charlton, L. Wilson, Carroll, J. Richards, C. Wilson, Viney, Forster, Pisani, L. Charlton, Bartlett, Zeni, Fahlbusch-Moore, Agius, Hewson, Atkinson, D. Johnston, Phillips, Saywell.




Glenelg has included Darcy Bailey and Elliot Chalmers for its encounter with Norwood on Saturday.

Bailey returns to the forward pocket while Chalmers has recovered from a hamstring strain to be named in the back pocket.

Ruckman Neil Vea Vea and utility Alex Martini have also been added to the five-man extended interchange bench.

Marlon Motlop accepted a one-match ban for striking Max Thring last Monday while talented midfielder Brad Close will miss 4-6 weeks with a knee injury.


F: I. Milera, Scott, Bailey

HF: Amato, Uebergang, Hosie

C: T. Milera, Scharenberg, Joseph

HB: Bradley, Curran, Yates

B: Woolard, Proud, Chalmers


R: McGinty, Schott, Snook

INT: Martini, Nicholson, White, Vea Vea, Koster

IN: Martini, Vea Vea, Chalmers, Bailey

OUT: Close (knee), Motlop (suspension)

H. Boyle, Carmody, Clark, Cox, Davidson, Davis, Eckel, Feely, Kerrish, Mackenzie, Noble, Papatolis, Reynolds, Robinson, Schreiber, Searle, Slade, Sullivan, Walker, Weetra.

F: Strickland, O’Loughlin, Josh Slade
HF: Armfield, Di Sotto, Weatherald
C: McDermott, Croso, Strange
HB: Holyoak, Dowdell, Beaumont
B: Viska, Jake Slade, Otto

R: Grimes, Potter, Lovelock
INT: Tink, N. Jones, Oxlade, L. Jones


Sunday June 17

North Adelaide v Central District (Prospect Oval) – 2.10pm
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North Adelaide is poised to take an unchanged line-up into its match against Central on Sunday.

Coming off a hard-fought 10-point win against Glenelg, the Roosters have added Sam McInerney and Blake Helyar to the 23-man squad.

Both have been named on the the five-man extended interchange bench which must be trimmed by two before the bounce.

Mitch Clisby will play his 100th Macca’s League game after making his debut in 2011.


F: Spina, Harvey, Young

HF: Hender, Ramsey, Ryswyk

C: Olekalns, Tropiano, Clisby

HB: Castree, Smith, Allmond

B: Wilkie, C. Craig, Appleton


R: A. Brans, Thring, T. Schwarz

INT: Deep, Helyar, McDonough, McInerney, Slee

IN: Helyar, McInerney


F: Agorastos, C. Barns, Szekely
HF: Miller, Verity, Quinn
C: Kirk, Nixon, Brereton
HB: Driscoll, Wundke, Aldridge
B: Minervini, Darrou, Wohling

R: Sweet, J. Schwarz, Lower
INT: Matsouliadis, O’Leary

F: Rigney, Oborn, Langley
HF: Henriks, Goudman-Glasson, Hill
C: Neagle, Coleman-Oakes, Scott
HB: Osborne, T. Finlay, Antrobus
B: Marshall, Rack, Flanagan

R: J. Hart, Magor, Borg
INT: Kairl-Prosser, Bowman, Moore, Hodges, Allard, B. Hart, Duggan, Robinson



Central has called upon two key position players for its game against North on Sunday.

Key defender Murray Stephenson will replace former Redleg Ryan Llewellyn at full back while Jacob Templeton has been named on the four-man extended interchange bench.

Templeton racked up 42 disposals in the Bulldogs’ reserves win against Port last Saturday.


F: Hanna, Butcher, L. Habel

HF: Goodrem, Mahoney, Jenner

C: Furnell, Presbury, F. Fort

HB: Barmby, Madden, Gillard

B: Haydon, Stephenson, Barreau


R: D. Fort, Hoskin, T. Schiller

INT: Dew, Richardson, Templeton, Weaver

IN: Stephenson, Templeton

OUT: Llewellyn

Ahmatt-Lovett, Antonie, Anyang, Bain, Beswick, Eberhard, Falkenberg, Hannath, Hooker, Humphries-Carnelly, Lange, Maitland, McLean, Montgomerie, Nason, O’Brien, O’Gorman, Patterson, Rigney, Spence, Watt, White.

Aller, Arnold, Bonuedi, Cannizzaro, Carpenter, Combe, Cotgrove, East,  Eime, Gant, Glancey, Grubb, Hajdu, Hughes, T. Milera, O’Brien, Odegaard, Payne, Pilkington, Ponton, Richard, Roennfeldt, Shaw, Stevens, Tidswell.


South Adelaide v Adelaide (Hickinbotham Oval) – 2.10pm
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South Adelaide could unleash another two youngsters from their local zone against Adelaide on Sunday.

Kangaroo Island product Coby Helyar, who hails from Dudley United FC, and Victor Harbor teenager Jackson Elmes have both been named on the five-man extended interchange bench.

They have been joined in the Panthers’ 23-man squad by reliable utility Scott Taylor, ruckman Alex Aurrichio and small forward Connor Fairlie, with Taylor set to line up in the back pocket.

Exciting forward Nathan Kreuger will miss due to concussion while Tate Coleman has been called in to the McDonald’s SA Under-18 team to face Victoria Country on Sunday.

Forward Liam Fitt will miss one match after accepting his one-match ban for engaging in rough conduct at the SANFL Incident Review Panel.


F: Hunter, Davis, Rankine

HF: Noble, Haren, Biemans

C: Haines, Heaslip, Brown

HB: Redigolo, Cailotto, Fields

B: Taylor, Crabb, Summerton


R: Brooksby, Cross, Liddle

INT: Szust, Aurrichio, Fairlie, Helyar, Elmes

IN: Taylor, Aurrichio, Fairlie, Helyar, Elmes

OUT: Kreuger (concussion), Fitt (suspended), Coleman (McDonald’s SA U18)

F: Bogle, Freitag, Wade
HF: Gregory, Marshman, Beeche
C: Renney, Spinks, Coulthard
HB: Manuel, Austin, Robertson
B: Juckers, Douglass, Irra

R: Wood, Lovering, Davies
INT: Short, Oliver, Bradford, Draper, Dowling, Burns



F: Hadden, Fogarty, Signorello

HF: Costanzo, Himmelberg, Davis

C: Edwards. Murphy, Jarman

HB: Hill, Loneragan, Irlam

B: McPherson, Leigh, Keath


R: O’Brien, Hampton, Ellis-Yolmen

INT: Brown, Venning, Launer, Marini, Vandermeer

IN: Ellis-Yolmen, Brown, Fogarty, Marini, Murphy, Vandermeer

OUT: Wilson (AFL), Cheney (AFL), McMahon (unavailable), Davey (unavailable)


Port Adelaide v Sturt (Alberton Oval) – 2.40pm
Live telecast on Channel 7 and 7plus | Live scores at SANFL Website & App



A No.1 AFL draft pick will make his Macca’s League debut for Port Adelaide against Sturt on Sunday.

Former Melbourne utility Jack Watts will don the black and white for the first time after being relegated from the Power line-up.

Named on the wing, Watts has been joined in the 23-man squad by Jake Neade, Cam Hewett, and three SANFL-contracted Magpies including Darcy Ginever.

Key defender Jack Hombsch, tall forward Todd Marshall and clever forward Linday Thomas were called up to play for the Power against the Bulldogs on Thursday night.


F: Johnson, Ladhmas, Farrell

HF: Davidson, Neade, Patmore

C: Watts, Amon, Summerton

HB: Snelling, Toumpas, Barry

B: Irra, Garner, Hewett


R: Frampton, Trengove, Atley

INT: Strange, Davis, Proude, Kluske, Ginever

IN: Watts, Neade, Hewett, Davis, Strange, Ginever

OUT: Hombsch (AFL), Marshall (AFL), Thomas (AFL), Finnie

Ashby, Bell, Boots, Cavouras, Crompton, Drummond, Ginever, Makoi, Mead, Morgan, North, Oakley, Ortiz, Parker-Boers, Patterson, Petrohilos, Russo, Strange, Thorpe-Morgan, Wheadon, Welsby, Wong.



Sturt coach Marty Mattner is poised to back in his players against Port on Sunday.

Despite losing to South Adelaide in Round 10 at Peter Motley Oval, the Double Blues could be unchanged against the Magpies.

Key defender Rune Gilfoy and utility Henry Carey have been added to the five-man extended interchange bench.


F: McAdam, Osborn, Taggert

HF: Greenslade, M. Evans, Slimming

C: Crocker, Battersby, Veale

HB: Harms, Stephens, Colquhoun

B: Page, F. Evans, Sumner


R: Read, Kirkwood, Thiele

INT: J. Hone, Dodd, Penfold, Carey, Gilfoy

IN: Gilfoy, Carey


F: Fielding, Voigt, Fahey-Sparks
HF: Kennedy, Sutcliffe, Trenorden
C: Coulson, Voss, Wills
HB: Weidenhofer, Moriarty, Coomblas
B: Illman, Edmonds, Mitchell

R: Dunn, Allan, Wildman
INT: Hayden, T. Hone, Coombe, Musolino

F: Laube, Thornton, Smelt
HF: Wingard, Grivell, Neale
C: Cross, Bawden, Hough
HB: A. Bryars, Grieve, How
B: Smith, Spry, Richards

R: Burrows, Tabe, Fuss
INT: Bates, Parker-Boers, Howe, Lewis
EMG: W. Bryars, Rogers


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