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Click here for all of the team selections ahead of Round 7 of the Macca’s League, Reserves and U18 Torrens Uni Cup competitions.

Four matches will be played on Saturday afternoon, with a standalone clash between Port Adelaide and West Adelaide at Alberton Oval.

Saturday May 19

Central District v Sturt (My Money House Oval) – 2.10pm
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Forgotten Central utility Ben Nason will play his first Macca’s League match in two years against Sturt on Saturday.

The former Richmond forward, named on the wing, last appeared at Macca’s League level for Glenelg in Round 7 of 2016.

He has been joined by Brendan Dew, Jacob Templeton, and Dylan Weaver in the Bulldogs’ 22-man squad.

Recruit Frazer O’Gorman has been sent back to the Reserves while Cooper Dahms and Jarrod Schiller have been sidelined by knee injuries.

Dahms will miss the rest of the season to repair the Anterior Cruciate Ligament in his knee.


F: McLean, Butcher, F. Fort

HF: McKenzie, Presbury, Hately

C: Hanna, Jenner, Nason

HB: Barmby, Madden, Gillard

B: Haydon, Stephenson, Barreau


R: D. Fort, Hoskin, T. Schiller

INT: Dew, Milne, Templeton, Weaver

IN: Dew, Nason, Templeton, Weaver

OUT: Dahms (knee), J. Schiller (knee), O’Gorman


Antonie, Beswick, Bain, Watts, Mahoney, Anyang, Humphries-Carnelly, Hannath, Billing, J. Habel, Richardson, L. Habel, Hooker, Lange, O’Brien, O’Gorman, Montgomerie, Llewellyn, Eberhard, Maitland, Harris, Patterson.

Ahmatt, Aller, Arnold, Barilla, Bonuedi, Cannizzaro, Carpenter, Combe, Cotgrove, Durdin, East, Eime, Gant, Hughes, Materne, L. Milera, T. Milera, Nietschke, O’Brien, Odegaard, Payne, B. Pilkington, Richard, Roennfeldt, Shaw, Smit, Spence, Stevens, White.



Sturt will be without a star midfielder for its game against Central on Saturday.

Premiership on-baller Aidan Riley will be sidelined for up to two months after breaking his wrist playing for the West End State team against the WAFL.

Henry Carey has been named to play his first Macca’s League game of the season at half-back while Josh Dodd and Campbell Wildman have also been included in the 23-man squad.


F: McAdam, Osborn, Munn

HF: Greenslade, M. Evans, Hone

C: Crocker, Colquhoun, Veale

HB: Harms, Stephens, Carey

B: Page, F. Evans, Gilfoy


R: Read, Kirkwood, Battersby

INT: Penfold, Thiele, Slimming, Dodd, Wildman

IN: Dodd, Wildman, Carey

OUT: Riley (broken wrist)

F: Kennedy, Coombe, Fahey-Sparks
HF: Hansen, Sheppard, Trenorden
C: Watt, Lochowiak, Coulson
HB: Wilson, Moriarty, Coomblas
B: Illman, Edmonds, Mitchell

R: Dunn, Hayden, Allan
INT: Wills, Hargreaves, Musolino, McCatty

F: Richards, Thornton, Burrows
HF: Fiss, Grivell, Neale
C: Cross, Voss, Wingard
HB: Parker-Boers, A. Bryars, How
B: Smith, Spry, W. Bryars

R: Cotter, Hone, Bawden
INT: Drew, Tabe, Smelt, J. Lewis
EMG: Howe, Neindorf, Durack



Eagles v Norwood (Maughan Thiem Hyundai Oval) – 2.10pm
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Woodville-West Torrens will have a familiar face resume in the Reserves against Norwood on Saturday.

Star midfielder Jared Petrenko, who has been involved with the Channel 7 TV program House Rules, has been named to gain match fitness in the seconds.

The former Crow has missed a portion of the pre-season and the first six rounds while filming on the show.

In the Macca’s League side, midfielder James Boyd has recovered from a knee injury while Jordan West has been named on the extended interchange to potentially play his first League match this year.

Co-Captain Pat Giuffreda will play his 150th Macca’s League game after making his debut in Round 13 2007.


F: N. Hayes, Lukosius, Lewis

HF: Firns, J. Hayes, Sharrad

C: Hall, Poole, Haylock

HB: Westbrook, Thompson, Stewart

B: Goldsworthy, Giuffreda, Von Bertouch


R: Redden, Rowland, Johansen

INT: J. Gaffney, Gray, Borholm, Boyd, West

IN: Boyd, West


McLeod, Cook, Hawkins, Minney, Weidemann, Comitogianni, Schmusch, X.Redden, Martin, C. Gaffney, Miller, Moore, Lee, Guilhaus, Heinjus, W. McPherson, Petrenko, Woods.

F: Pratico, Coff, Thompson
HF: Friend, Armfield, Firns
C: Burgoyne, Bailey, Beecken
HB: Smith, R. Bruce, Sibley
B: Brill, McNeilly, Tape

R: Michael, Miller, McNeil
INT: Carter, Francis, Nicholas, Dorizzi, Hawkins




Last minute recruit Josh Glenn has recovered from injury to face the Eagles on Saturday.

Glenn, who has been battling an ankle ailment, has been included on the five-man extended interchange bench.

The former Bulldog has been joined by key defender Pat Levicki, who is due to play his 50th Macca’s League match.

Speedy wingman Anthony Wilson will resume in the Reserves from a hamstring strain.


F: Smart, Surman, Gerloff

HF: Jefferies, Dawe, Hamilton

C: Nunn, Panos, L. Johnston

HB: McKenzie, Talia, Fuller

B: Wilkins, Georgiou, Shenton


R: Baulderstone, Grigg, Bampton

INT: Abbott, Olsson, Bower, Glenn, Levicki

IN: Glenn, Levicki

Saywell, Fahlbusch-Moore, Pisani, Atkinson, Edmead, Siviour, Di Stefano, Carter, Carroll, Agius, Bartlett, Z. Richards, A. Wilson, L. Charlton, Webb, J. Richards, Beilby, Pedro, Viney, Zeni, Ball.

Ryan, Morris, Trepka, Crawford, Spence, Theodorakopoulos, Waters, Kalafatis, Harvey-Coventry, Vannini, Carroll, Haarsma, Binder, Falco, Watson, Barnett, Davies, Miller-Warren, Fairbrother, Olds, Darrington, Cooper, Hearing.

Glenelg v Adelaide (Gliderol Stadium) – 2.10pm
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Glenelg could have another BankSA Rookie when it confronts Adelaide on Saturday.

South Gambier utility Sam Walker (20, 186cm and 83kg) is among three inclusions named on the extended interchange bench.

Midfielder/forwards Josh Koster and Tom Feely have also been included in the 23-man squad to face the Crows.


F: I. Milera, Reynolds, White

HF: Amato, Scott, T. Milera

C: Motlop, Scharenberg, Nicholson

HB: Schott, Curran, Chalmers

B: Slade, Proud, Joseph


R: Vea Vea, Bradley, Snook

INT: Hosie, Walker, Close, Koster, Feely

IN: Walker, Koster, Feely

OUT: Hawkins (groin)


F: Corso, Grimes, Josh Slade
HF: Lovelock, Di Sotto, W. Schreiber
C: Park, Searle, McDermott
HB: O’Loughlin, Jake Slade, Armfield
B: Otto, Dowdell, Viska

R: Strickland, Potter, N. Jones
INT: Beaumont, Tugwell, Holyoak, Oxlade



Adelaide has regained two AFL-listed players for its encounter with Glenelg on Saturday.

Creative utility Curtly Hampton and key defender Alex Keath have returned from injury to be joined by three development players in the 23-man squad.

Harry Slee, Michael McMahon and Josh Vandermeer have returned with McMahon the most likely to play after being named at half-forward.

Lachlan Murphy has been recalled to the AFL line-up while ruckman Paul Hunter and Tyson Irlam have been restricted by ankle injuries.


F: Keath, Himmelberg, Signorello

HF: McMahon, Dear, Davis

C: Hadden, Wilson, Jarman

HB: Venning, Cheney, Davey

B: Launer, Loneragan, Hill


R: O’Brien, Hampton, Edwards

INT: Leigh, Brown, Slee, Vandermeer, Costanzo

IN: Hampton, Keath, McMahon, Slee, Vandermeer

OUT: Hunter (ankle), Irlam (ankle), Murphy (AFL)


North Adelaide v South Adelaide (Prospect Oval) – 2.10pm
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Live radio broadcast on 1079 Life FM



North has regained a key focal point for its contest against South on Saturday.

Former Crows rookie Keenan Ramsey has recovered from a bout of concussion suffered against the Eagles in Round 5.

He has replaced BankSA Rookie Chris Barns, who has been squeezed out of the line-up despite a promising debut.

Star recruit Jarred Allmond will play his 150th Macca’s League match.


F: Spina, Harvey, Young

HF: Hender, Ramsey, Rozee

C: Olekalns, Tropiano, Clisby

HB: Castree, Smith, Allmond

B: Wilkie, C. Craig, Appleton


R: A. Barns, Thring, T. Schwarz

INT: McDonough, McInerney, Slee

IN: Ramsey

OUT: C. Barns

F: Helyar, C. Barns, Szekely
HF: Ryswyk, Verity, Quinn
C: Deep, Nixon, Miller
HB: Minervini, Wundke, Kirk
B: Aldridge, Darrou, Wohling

R: Sweet, Matsouliadis, J. Schwarz
INT: Brereton, Lower, O’Leary, Stengle

F: Rigney, Oborn, Langley
HF: Henriks, Goudman-Glasson, Hill
C: Neagle, Coleman-Oakes, Scott
HB: Osbourne, T. Finlay, Magor
B: Duggan, Rack, Flanagan

R: Hart, Bowman, Borg
INT: Hodges, Moore, Crompton, Antrobus, Kairl-Prosser, Allard, Weatherly




South co-captain Joel Cross will make a welcome return against North on Saturday.

Not available in Round 6 due to the passing of his father, Cross will again grace the centre square for the Panthers.

Veteran defender Tarak Redigolo and small forward Cody Szust have also been included in the 23-man squad.

Key forward Ben Haren looms as a direct replacement for Sam Overall, who has been sidelined by a foot injury suffered in the last term against Central a fortnight ago.

Dashing defender Robbie Irra will join the McDonald’s SA Under-18 squad this weekend.


F: Kreuger, Whittlesea, Fitt

HF: Heaslip, Davis, Rankine

C: Noble, Biemans, Fields

HB: Haines, Cailotto, Rose

B: Brown, Crabb, Summerton


R: Brooksby, Cross, Liddle

INT: Raitt, Haren, Szust, Hunter, Redigolo

IN: Haren, Redigolo, Szust, Cross

OUT: Overall (foot), Irra (McDonald’s SA U18)

Aurrichio, Badger, Baker, Beenham, Elmes Fairlie, Gurney, Helyar,   Illingworth, Kappler, Manuel, McGree, McKinnon, Millman, Moyle, Sampson, Snelling, Taylor, Tyllis. EMG: Carter,

F: Coulthard, Freitag, Wade
HF: Gregory, Marshman, Beeche
C: Renney, Spinks, Milsom
HB: Crombie, Whitford, Bradford
B: Juckers, Douglass, Austin

R: Wood, Lovering, Davies
INT: Burns, Whitbread, Osbourne-O’Keefe, Short, Oliver, Kerrison, Kraemer


Sunday May 20

Port Adelaide v West Adelaide (Alberton Oval) – 2.10pm
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Port Adelaide must deal with the loss of two key midfielders for its match against West on Sunday.

AFL stars Sam Powell-Pepper and Tom Rockliff have been quick to find form after playing well in the AFL Showdown last Saturday.

They have been joined on the exclusion list by Willem Drew, who has again suffered a foot injury while Trent McKenzie has travelled to China but may return to face the Bloods if not used by the Power.

Half-back Jasper Pittard is among five additions, joining fellow AFL-listed utility Aidyn Johnson who has recovered from a groin complaint.


F: Farrell, Hayes, Davidson

HF: Johnson, Patmore, Snelling

C: Kluske, Atley, Summerton

HB: Pittard, Toumpas, Strange

B: Irra, Garner, Ginever


R: Frampton, Hewett, Proude

INT: Edwards, Wong, Mead, Crompton

IN: Wong, Hayes, Pittard, Johnson, Edwards

OUT: Powell-Pepper (AFL), Rockliff (AFL), Drew (foot), McKenzie (AFL)


Angelberger, Ashby, Bell, Boots, Cameron, Davis, Drummond, Coxon, Cubillo, Finnie, Makoi, Morgan, North, Oakley, Ortiz, Parker-Boers, Patterson, Thorpe-Morgan, Wheadon, Welsby.



West Adelaide veteran Shannon Green has been included for the clash against Port on Sunday.

Green has been named at half-forward to face the Magpies, with versatile Brett Turner the other inclusion to the Bloods’ 23-man squad.

Clever forward Gibson Turner, a former Richmond rookie, will spend another week in the Reserves despite kicking 6.4 against the Magpies in Round 6.


F: Rankine, Bates, Karpany

HF: Anderson, Middleton, Green

C: Batley, K. Stevens, Noble

HB: L. Evans, Burgess, Hill

B: Agostino, Wilson, J. Evans


R: McPherson, Keough, Schiller

INT: Waite, J. Ryan, Porplyzia, B. Turner, Beech

IN: B. Turner, Green


Dunkin, Eastman, Fairlie, Fielke, Halkias, Head, Holliday, Hupfeld, I. Johnson, O. Johnson, Kirk, Laube, Lynch, Majok, Noonan, Peter, Pillion, L. Ryan, G. Turner, Wasley-Black, Webb.

Caruso, Dalgleish, Geddes-Ryan, Haysman, Gutsche, Hay, Horstmann, Earl, Groom, Hannagan, Milde, Wooldridge, Stakic, Morelli, Thilithorpe, Nunan, Westley, Hocking, Tuckwell, Inglis, Kent, Sinderberry, Kennedy, Wulff.



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