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Sturt forward Jordan Houlahan is hopeful his athleticism in testing at the AFL Combine will add to his expanding resume ahead of the AFL National Draft in November.

Possessing an impressive natural leap and fluent set shot at goal, the 18-year-old played in two premierships in as many weeks with the Double Blues, firstly in the U18 Torrens Uni Cup, followed by the Reserves Grand Final.

Measuring in at 185cm and 78kg, the Mount Barker FC product says he has modeled his game on Hawthorn’s Jack Gunston and Sydney’s South Australian draftee Will Hayward.

Houlahan showed off his supreme kicking skills by scoring a perfect 30 from 30 points in the Goal Kicking Test, which challenges players to kicks goals from 45C set shots, on the run from 30m in front and 20m snap shots over their shoulder.

The Double Blues’ high flyer was also SA’s best scorer in the Field Kicking Test, achieving an excellent score of 28 out of 30 after having to use both his right and left foot in kicking to position over varying distances.

Goalkicking test (score out of 30)
Jordan Houlahan 30

Angus Schumacher 30
Jackson Ross 30
Ben Miller 30
Jake Patmore 25
Ryley Stoddart 25
Changkuoth Jiath 25
Andrew Brayshaw 25
Connor Ballenden 25
Aaron Naughton 25
Aiden Bonar 25

Kicking test (score out of 30)
Connor Ballenden 30
Jack Higgins 29
Angus Schumacher 29
Jack Payne 29
Hayden McLean 29
Jackson Ross 29
Ned Reeves 29
Jordan Houlahan 28
Hunter Clark 28
Lloyd Meek 28


Houlahan also tested strongly in the vertical leap, finishing in the top five with a jump of 77cm while South bigman Nathan Kreuger displayed his athletic traits by engineering a top five placing in the Agility Test with a time of 8.21 seconds.

20-metre Sprint
Jack Petruccelle          2.87 seconds
Kane Farrell                2.90
Aiden Bonar                2.90
Ben Miller                   2.91
Nick Coffield               2.91

Agility test
Kane Farrell           8.10 seconds
Ben Miller              8.10
Brent Daniels         8.11
Trent Mynott          8.20
Nathan Kreuger      8.21 

Standing vertical jump
Aiden Bonar             89cm
Kyron Hayden          82cm
Harrison Jones         79cm
Jordan Houlahan      77cm
Jordan Johnston       75cm

Running vertical jump
Kyron Hayden 103cm
Kane Farrell 95cm
Jordan Houlahan 95cm
Hayden McLean 92cm
Noah Balta 89cm
Harrison Jones 88cm
Oscar Allen 88cm
Tom McCartin 88cm
Matthew Day 87cm
Nathan Kreuger 87cm

Glenelg’s Alex Martini shone in the gruelling Yo Yo Test, which challenges players to repeat sprint efforts over a ten minute period and has replaced the Beep Test used in previous years.

Martini – who handled himself impressively for the Bays at Macca’s League level this year – was the last man standing in the Medium Midfielders group which also included Sturt’s Charlie Ballard.

The hard-working Tiger was able to push close to the Level 22 barrier, which was the equivalent to in excess of Level 14 in the Beep Test.

Yo Yo Test (Repeat Sprints)
Andrew Brayshaw 22.4 level
Dylan Moore 22.3
Matthew Ling 21.8
Alex Martini  21.8
Aaron Naughton 21.8
Jaidyn Stephenson 21.8
Callan England 21.6
Nicholas Shipley 21.6
Brent Daniels 21.5
Ethan Floyd  21.5
Tom McCartin 21.5
Cillian McDaid 21.5
Gryan Miers 21

Glenelg’s Darcy Fogarty – 192cm and 92kg – says he is recovering well from the knee surgery he underwent on August 2. The talented utility from Lucindale is unable to complete the physical testing at the AFL Combine but isn’t far from resuming full training and is experiencing no pain or restriction in his knee.

Hear from the 18-year-old, who speaks glowingly of playing at Macca’s League level this year for the Bays as well as his local community in the South-East.

Eagles defender Andrew McPherson has revealed he is aiming to be ready to start pre-season training in November after injuring his hamstring in the Under-18 Torrens Uni Cup Grand Final on September 17.

The McDonald’s SA Under-18 vice-captain has endured a frustrating run with soft tissue injuries, with a quad ailment keeping him out of the Under-18 National Championshps in June and July.

But the well-spoken 18-year-old – 186cm and 78kg – takes confidence from his performance in an AFL Academy match in April while also developing his leadership and recovery skills while spending time on the sidelines this year.



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