Published on: Aug 08 2017 | Author: Zac Milbank |

A handful of South Australia’s football greats have selected the Greatest SANFL Team as the 140-year History Exhibition concludes on Sunday August 13.

Croweater champions Neil Kerley, Graham Cornes, John Halbert, Brian Cunningham and The Advertiser’s Chief Football Writer Michelangelo Rucci tackled one of football’s toughest tasks as the final SANFL History Exhibition Forum last week.

Speaking on SANFL Radio, Magarey Medallist John Halbert said selecting the spine was the ”easier” aspect of the process before striking up plenty of debate on the surrounding positions.

Players needed to have registered a minimum of 100 SANFL games whilst Halbert also said significant achievements such as Magarey Medals and Premierships weighed heavily in the selection process.

The Sturt great called upon SANFL fans to get to the ”In a League of its Own” 140-year History Exhibition at the State Library before it closes on Sunday August 13.

Entry is free to the Exhibition, which is open daily from 10am until 5pm in the Institute Building.




F: John Platten, Ken Farmer, Malcolm Blight

HF: Bob Hank, Barrie Robran, Lindsay Head

C: John Cahill, Russell Ebert, Ken Eustice

HB: Geof Motley, Dan Moriarty, Walter Scott

B: Michael Taylor, Ian McKay, Len Fitzgerald

R: Tom Leahy, Neil Kerley (c), Bob Quinn

INT: Peter Carey, Paul Bagshaw, Tom MacKenzie, Stephen Kernahan

Coach: Jack Oatey

Selectors: Neil Kerley, Graham Cornes, John Halbert, Brian Cunningham, Michelangelo Rucci


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