Published on: Jun 07 2017 | Author: Zac Milbank |

Magarey Grove is poised to find a new home at the Adelaide Oval precinct.

Established in 1988 along West Lakes Boulevard, Magarey Grove features plaques at the base of trees for every winner of the state’s most prestigious individual trophy.

But now Magarey Grove is set to shift with a submission for relocation currently before the Charles Sturt Council.

SANFL is currently in discussion with the Adelaide City Council and the Adelaide Oval Stadium Management Authority to determine where the new plaques, featuring the names of each Magarey Medallist, will be positioned outside the home of SA Football.

The plaques currently located at West Lakes will be removed and presented to the Magarey Medallists or their families.

SANFL Chairman, the Honourable John Olsen AO, said it was important the Magarey Grove tradition be continued in the city.

“We have made Adelaide Oval the centrepiece of South Australian sport, built on the venue’s rich sporting history,” Olsen said.

“The story of the Magarey Medal, from 1898, and its winners is a major part of our sporting culture and history. So are the future winners of Australian football’s oldest sporting trophy.

“We feel there is no better place to honour the Magarey Medallists than Adelaide Oval.

“More so when the Oval has draws so many visitors daily to see where sporting history has been made since the 1860s – and continues to unfold. Those 50,000 who come to the Oval every year for tours will have their experience and memories enhanced by seeing this tribute to the Magarey Medallists.”



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