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Click here for the Round 6 SANFL Macca’s League teams, with Norwood and Glenelg starting this weekend’s matches with a blockbuster at The Parade.

Port Adelaide will host the Eagles in a top-of-the-table clash at Alberton Oval on Saturday while the Round 6 telecast match on Channel 7 will see North Adelaide host Sturt at Prospect Oval from 2.40pm.

Friday May 19
Norwood v Glenelg (Coopers Stadium) – 7.20pm
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Norwood recruit Brad McKenzie could play his first Macca’s League game for the Redlegs on Friday night.

Delisted by North Melbourne at the end of last season, McKenzie (188cm and 87kg) chose to don the red and blue instead of returning to his junior club Sturt during the off-season.

After missing the opening rounds with an ankle injury, the 23-year-old returned to the Reserves in Round 5 where he collected 17 disposals against Central in a half of football.

McKenzie has been joined in the 23-man squad by utility Harry Viney, who has also been named on the five-man extended interchange bench.


F: Dawe, Shenton, Wilson

HF: Smart, Panos, Johnston

C: Z. Richards, Grigg, Kirwan

HB: Bode, Georgiou, Fuller

B: Bartlett, Levicki, Jefferies


R: Baulderstone, Roocke, Webber

INT: Terlich, Bower, Phillips, McKenzie, Viney

IN: McKenzie, Viney

Carter, Giannini, T. Forster, Giro, Pedro, T. Charlton, North, Smith, Fahlbusch-Moore, Olsson, Miller, Di Stefano, M. Coles, Hupfeld, Astbury, Breden, Hartman, Hewson, Bampton, J. Richards, Pascoe, Beilby, George.

Atkinson, Breden, Smith, George, Hewson, T. Martin, Mundy, Patterson, Theodorakopoulos, Ware, Barnett, M. Carroll, Dawson, Hanuman, Hurst, J. Martin, Pacitti, Petrohilos, Tortorella, Blades, Collins, Draper, Hatswell, Joseph, Miller, Partridge, Saywell, Tziortzis.


Glenelg coach Matt Lokan has reacted at the selection table by making three unforced changes for the clash with Norwood.

Lachie Earl, Jonty Scharenberg and Elliott Chalmers were all sent back to the Reserves in the wake of the Tigers’ 70-point loss to the Eagles in Round 5.

Star defender Christian Howard returns from a one-week suspension while Riley McFarlane’s impressive Reserves form has been rewarded with a spot in the forward pocket.

Max Proud, Jay Boyle and Damien Hill have also been included on a five-man extended interchange bench.


F: I. Milera, Scott, McFarlane

HF: Nicholson, McBean, Howard

C: Barry, Bradley, T. Milera

HB: Haarsma, Agnew, Curran

B: Martini, Sellar, Joseph


R: McGinty, Sawford, Snook

INT: Fogarty, Boyle, Proud, Hill, Vitkunas

IN: Boyle, Proud, Hill, Howard, McFarlane

OUT: Scharenberg, Chalmers, Earl

B. Merrett, Bailey, Casey, Chalmers, Earl, Hosie, J. Edwards, Kennedy, Koster, M. Merrett, Montgomery, Robinson, Scharenberg, Schott, Slade, Strange, Sullivan, Trembath, Walker, Wong.

F: Potter, May, Smith
HF: Boyle, Noble, Chichester
C: McCarthy, Leck, Masters
HB: Carney, Whitford, Murphy
B: Satala, Smart, Muller

R: Flinn, Papatolis, Cubillo
INT: Jones, Lockwood, Corso, Hosking, Viska, Potts

Saturday May 20
Central District v South Adelaide (My Money House Oval) – 2.10pm

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Central District star Chris Jansen will make a welcome return against South on Saturday.

The midfield maestro has recovered from a hamstring strain to be named in the centre square to face the Panthers.

Key defender Murray Stephenson is the other inclusion to the Bulldogs’ 23-man squad, with Josh Waldhuter the only certain exclusion at this stage.


F: T. Schiller, Butcher, Goodrem

HF: Hoskin, Glenn, Milne

C: Barmby, Holman, Presbury

HB: Furnell, Stephenson, L. Habel

B: Haydon, F. Fort, Prior


R: D. Fort, J. Schiller, Jansen

INT: Broadwood, Hewett, Jenner, Richardson

IN: Jansen, Stephenson

OUT: Waldhuter

Antonie, Bain, Banks, Barreau, Coleman, Claughton, Collier, Hanna, Hannath, Llewellyn, Matthews, McKenzie, McLennan, Nason, Reichert, Stevens, Stewart, Templeton, Waldhuter, Walter, Weaver.

Ahmatt-Lovett, Billing, Cormack, Cotgrove, Dahms, East, Eberhard, Elbrow, Humphries-Carnelly, Hunt, Lange, Milera, Montgomerie, O’Brien, Nietschke, Payne, B Pilkington, D Pilkington, Schiller, Shaw, Shirley, Sibley, Spence, Watts, Zobel.


South Adelaide will be boosted by the return of star midfielder Brede Seccull for the clash with Central on Saturday.

The 2016 joint Knuckey Cup winner missed South’s win against due to a corked thigh suffered against Norwood in Round 4.

Seccull has been joined in the Panthers’ 23-man squad by possible debutant Alex Moyle (22, 173cm and 76kg), who is originally from the Reynella FC in the Southern Football League.


F: Liddle, Haren, Heaslip

HF: Haines, Overall, Schwarz

C: Rankine, Seccull, Hunter

HB: Fields, Cailotto, Rose

B: S. Taylor, Durdin, Crabb


R: Bass, Cross, Gotch

INT: Barnes, Moyle, Fairlie, Ellison, McMahon

IN: Moyle, Seccull

Szust, Redigolo, Millman, Newell, Blackwell, Harvey, Helyar, Patterson, Damin, McKinnon, Tyllis, Aurrichio, Kappler, Jolly, Mott, J. Taylor, Anderson, Need, Steele, Badger, Gillett, Drew.

Milford, Sampson, Riddle, Illingworth, Penn, Lock, Tucker-Cook, Bogle, Williams, Bruce, Fitt, Whitbread, Daniels, Manuel, Colwell, Milsom, Sowter, Wilkinson, McGree, Snelling, Elmes, Virgo, Bradford, Robertson, Carapetis.

Port Adelaide v Eagles (Alberton Oval) – 2.10pm
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Port Adelaide looks set to field its strongest possible line-up against the Eagles on Saturday.

With four AFL-listed players returning – Matt White, Dan Houston, Aaron Young and Peter Ladhams – the Magpies take on an ominous look.

Karl Amon and Brendon Ah Chee played for the Power last Sunday in China, making them the only certain exclusions from the 23-man squad.

Captain Steven Summerton has been listed on the five-man extended interchange bench.


F: Marshall, Eddy, A. Young

HF: Neade, Howard, Johnson

C: Drew, White, Monfries

HB: Houston, Austin, Toumpas

B: Bonner, Lienert, Hewett


R: Frampton, Atley, Palmer

INT: Lobbe, Irra, Snelling, Ladhams, Summerton

IN: Houston, White, A. Young, Ladhams

OUT: Amon (AFL), Ah Chee (AFL)

F: Miller, Harris, Cooper
HF: R. Young, Zavryl, Reynolds
C: Hawkins, Sharrad, Baron
HB: Roads, Davidson, Biemans
B: Ginever, Corcoran, Mahney

R: Ross, T. Gray, Proude
INT: T. Wanganeen, Hampton


Eagles coach Michael Godden has a tough decision to make ahead of Saturday’s encounter with Port.

Co-captain Pat Giuffreda and Magarey Medal runner-up Angus Rowntree have again put their hands up for selection after being added to the 23-man squad.

But Godden must ponder whether it is worth changing a line-up which is undefeated and accounted for Glenelg by 70 points in Round 5.

If selected Rowntree will play his 100th Macca’s League match.


F: McGregor, Wundke, Boyd

HF: Whittlesea, J. Hayes, N. Hayes

C: Comitogianni, Rowland, Johansen

HB: Hall, Stewart, Goldsworthy

B: Sinor, Thompson, Allmond


R: Borholm, Poole, Petrenko

INT: Lewis, Gaffney, Summerton, Rowntree, Giuffreda

IN: Rowntree, Giuffreda

F: Georgeson, Giles, Longbottom
HF: Minney, Miller, Haylock
C: Westbrook, Jolly, Wehr
HB: Elsworthy, Firns, Woods
B: Wood, Heinjus, McPherson

R: West, Lee, Redden
INT: Cardone

F: Studham, Schultz, Friend
HF: Cook, Francis, Lukosius
C: Smith, Moore, Martin
HB: McKinnon, Schwarz, Schmusch
B: Carter, Armfield, Brill

R: Michael, J. Hoyle, Mead
INT: Bondarenko, Hann, T. Hoyle, Simpson, Sarunic

West Adelaide v Adelaide (City Mazda Stadium) – 2.10pm
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West Adelaide’s ruck division has received a boost with the return of Daniel Webb for the game against Adelaide on Saturday.

The versatile bigman replaces Chol Majok in the centre square, with the latter squeezed out of the 23-man squad with Hugh Haysman.

Reliable defender Jack Agostino has overcome hamstring tightness while impressive teenager Izak Rankine is back after playing state basketball last weekend.

Utility Josh Stevens will be hoping to survive the cut from the extended interchange bench so he can make his Macca’s League debut.


F: Fielke, Watchman, Rankine

HF: Turner, Middleton, Bates

C: Batley, K. Stevens, Hill

HB: Wasley-Black, Klemke, Burgess

B: Caire, Keough, Green


R: Webb, Schiller, Schmidt

INT: Carger, Karpany, Agostino, J. Stevens, Favretto

IN: Agostino, J. Stevens, Webb, Rankine

OUT: Haysman, Majok

Alaeddin, Boots, Baker, Caruso, Challis, Crump, Dunkin, Eichner, Fairlie, Fazzalari, Gulliford, Gutsche, Hannagan, Laube, McCulloch, McFarlane, Rana, Rugari, Satanek, Smith, Walton, Westley, Wright.


Adelaide will take a tall forward line into its match against West with the welcome addition of Josh Jenkins.

Sent back from AFL duty, Jenkins has been named at full forward to be flanked by fellow marking targets Paul Hunter and Harry Dear.

Jenkins has been joined in the 23-man squad by key defenders Kyle Cheney and Alex Keath, who have recovered from injury.

Development players Kurt Waterman and Sam Tharaldsen have been added to the five-man extended interchange bench.

Troy Menzel played for the Crows’ AFL team last Saturday night while Hugh Greenwood and Jordan Gallucci could make their AFL debuts against Brisbane this weekend.


F: Hunter, Jenkins, Dear

HF: Gore, Himmelberg, Jarman

C: Beech, Thompson, Hill

HB: Murphy, Cheney, Signorello

B: Leigh, Keath, Doedee


R: O’Brien, Wigg, Poholke

INT: T. Lever, De Michele, Wittwer, Tharaldsen, Waterman

IN: Jenkins, Cheney, Keath, Waterman, Tharaldsen

OUT: Menzel (AFL), Greenwood (AFL) Gallucci (AFL)

North Adelaide v Sturt (Prospect Oval) – 2.40pm
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North Adelaide has made just one change for the match against Sturt at Prospect Oval on Saturday.

Veteran playmaker George Thring has overcome his most recent hamstring setback to be named on the wing.

He will replace key forward Mitch Harvey, who will miss at least three weeks after damaging his hamstring against South in Round 5.


F: M. Thring, A. Barns, Ramsey

HF: Hender, Smith, Quinn

C: Ryswyk, Motlop, G. Thring

HB: Clisby, Grove, Spina

B: C. Craig, Darrou, Wundke


R: J. Craig, McKenzie, Schwarz

INT: Appleton, Virgin, Wilkie

IN: G. Thring

OUT: Harvey (hamstring)

F: Corbett, C. Barns, Hayes
HF: Nixon, Wooldford, Boles
C: Olekalns, Shannon, Lloyd
HB: Kirk, Wharton, Wohling
B: Minervini, Patterson, Driscoll

R: Sweet, De Leonardis, McInerney
INT: Matsouliadis, Rozee, Rogers, Slade

F: Langley, Robinson, Coleman-Oakes
HF: O’Leary, Rack, Dittmar
C: Neagle, Brereton, Henriks
HB: Aplin, Falcione, Byrne
B: Moore, Kitschke, Oliphant

R: Finckler, Kennedy, Magor
INT: Purser, Crompton, Rillotta, Osborne, Scott, Issah, Smyrenos


Key forward Henry Voigt is a chance to play his first Macca’s League game of the season against North on Saturday.

The strong-marking Voigt is one of two players added to the Double Blues’ 23-man squad, with premiership forward Kory Beard in doubt.

Beard reported concussion after a heavy hit from West’s Ben Klemke last Saturday and has been named on the extended interchange bench.

Small forward Jack Penfold has also been added to the Sturt squad, with two players to be trimmed before the bounce.


F: Sutcliffe, Hansen, Read

HF: Hone, M. Evans, Riley

C: Colquhoun, Kirkwood, Crocker

HB: Sumner, F. Evans, Stephens

B: Page, Gilfoy, McMahon


R: Osborn, Crowden, P. Wilson

INT: D. Wilson, Beard, Penfold, Slimming, Voigt

IN: Voigt, Penfold

F: Dodd, Hadden, Houlahan
HF: Carey, Hayden, Applebee
C: Harms, Coulson, Veale
HB: Thiele, Moriarty, Powell
B: Zerk-Thatcher, Campbell, Paprotny

R: Fahey-Sparks, Samblich, Wildman
INT: Kennedy, Hargreaves, Coomblas, Haren

F: Smith, Parker-Boers, Woollard
HF: Cavouras, Coomblas, Trevorrow
C: Lines, Hone, Stokes
HB: Musolino, Grieve, Worthley
B: Welsby, Edmonds, Weidenhofer

R: Mitchell, Trenorden, Allan
INT: Illman, Ortiz, Grundy, Longden
EMG: Richards, Smelt, Ellis


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