Published on: Mar 25 2017 | Author: Zac Milbank |

SANFL Juniors Competition Manager Geoff Riddle has spruiked the benefits of parents using their Office of Recreation and Sport voucher to reduce the cost of registrations fees in 2017.

Now more than ever, it is even easier for to use the $50 ORS voucher by simply clicking a button during the online registration process on the SANFL website.

Speaking on SANFL Radio, Riddle said this would make playing footy even more affordable for families given it was already one of the most inexpensive sports to play compared with rival codes such as soccer and basketball.

Critically, the $50 ORS voucher can also be used by parents in South Australian regional areas for their children playing at Community Football clubs as well as those youngsters wishing to get their first taste of the game through Auskick.

Joining SANFL late last season, Riddle has been busy organising the structure of the competitions with the addition of the North East Metro Junior Football Association into SANFL Juniors for 2017.

As a result, two new positions have been filled by in the SANFL Juniors team by Scott Patching (Southern Area) and Andrew Rogers (Northern Area) to work in with Riddle.

This season, as many as 55 clubs and 520 teams will be involved across 260 games each weekend, involving a total of more than 12,000 participants.

Clubs must finalise their team nominations by the closing date of February 28 but individual participants still have plenty of time to register before the season kicks off on the weekend of April 28-30.

The evolution of female football, fuelled by the start of the AFL Women’s and SANFL Statewide Super Women’s League, continues to translate at grassroots level.

Already, as many as 46 girls teams from Under-10 to Under-16 have been registered for 2017 – this equates to a total of 28 clubs fielding junior girls teams, an increase of 15 from last year.

To register your child for the 2017 SANFL Juniors Season, log on to


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