Published on: Feb 15 2017 | Author: Zac Milbank |

With the SANFL Statewide Super Women’s League kicking off on Friday Feburary 17, Zac Milbank caught up with Football Operations Manager Tom Hurley to produce a last minute guide to the inaugural competition.

Q – What is the competition’s official name? 

A – The SANFL Statewide Super Women’s League

Q – Which clubs are involved in the SANFL Statewide Super Women’s League?

A – Glenelg, North Adelaide, Norwood and West Adelaide

Q – How many players will be on each list?

A – A maximum of 35 which includes up to 3-4 Adelaide Crows development players. There are also 4-5 Adelaide Crows AFL-listed players assigned to each Club.

Q – What was the process in forming each team’s list?

A – First priority was given to an even distribution of talent among the four teams, followed by the geographical location of the player’s residence.

Q – Who are the captains?

A – Cassie Hartley (Glenelg), Jess Edwards (North Adelaide), Rebekka McMahon (Norwood), Louella McCarthy and Kirsty Degabriele (West Adelaide)

Q – Who are the coaches?

A – Narelle Smith (Glenelg), Matt Slade (North Adelaide), Steve Symonds (Norwood), Brooke Copeland (West Adelaide)

Q – When and where will the games be played?

A – The minor round matches will be played in double-header format from Friday February 17 until Saturday March 25 at Coopers Stadium and City Mazda Stadium.  The Grand Final will be played at Peter Motley Oval on Saturday April 1 from 4.30pm

Q – Will the matches be available to watch online?

A – Yes, all of the matches will be live streamed via the SANFL website with live statistics also available

Q – Will there be different rules?

A – Yes, teams will field 20 players for each game with only 16 on the field, four on the interchange. The last possession out-of-bounds rule will be in place however there will also be no cap on rotations, given the likelihood of warm conditions. Quarters will be 20 minutes in length with no time-on while Size 4 footballs will be used.

Q – Will players be subject to the SANFL’s Incident Review Panel?

A- Yes, but like Under-18 level no fines will be issued as penalties.

Q – Will there be similar awards to the men’s competition?

A – Yes, players will compete for a premiership cup and be awarded premiership medallions should they be successful on Grand Final day. A best-and-fairest award similar to the Magarey Medal and a Rising Star type trophy will also be presented at the conclusion of the minor round.

Q – Is there a Heat Policy in place?

A – Yes, for matches with a forecast temperature of 32C or more, SANFL has the potential to reduce the length of quarters, lengthen breaks at quarter-time and half-time and ensure shade is available for access during each change. In extreme conditions, an extended interchange bench may be allowed.

Q – What does it cost to attend the matches?

A – All matches, including the Grand Final, are free entry.


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