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The squad lists have been released for the inaugural SANFL Statewide Super Women’s League, which kicks off on February 17.

Each of the four SANFL clubs – Glenelg, Norwood, North Adelaide and West Adelaide – have also been allocated a minimum of four AdelaidSANFL Women's League Logoe Crows players, who will only play if released by the AFL club.

Star signing Erin Phillips has been aligned with the Roosters while Monique Hollick is a natural fit with the Bloods given her father Greg played 87 SANFL games for West between 1973 and 1979.

A further minimum of three players not on the Crows’ list but training with the squad – such as promising youngsters Ashleigh Woodland and Tait Mackrill – have been allocated to each SANFL club.

Talented teenager Chloe Scheer has been assigned to North Adelaide after coming off a highly successful season in which she won the South Australian Women’s Football League U18 Best and Fairest award as well as the Division 1 Dutschke Medal.

Port Adelaide Football Club hosted three training and talent identification sessions in December for all of the players listed below, under the guidance of Power Director of Academies Shaun Hart.

This provided SANFL appointed observers with the opportunity to assess the players’ ability up close before allocating them to their SANFL clubs.

The first criteria in player allocation was given to the distribution of talent with the objective being to make the competition as even as possible while secondary consideration was given to the player’s residential address fitting inside that SANFL club’s development zone.


Glenelg Team List

Dayna Cox   Adelaide FC  
Deni Varnhagen Adelaide FC
Jenna McCormick Adelaide FC
Justine Mules Adelaide FC
Ellie Kellock 27-05-1997 Morphettville Park (AFC) 164cm
Lexia Edwards 15-12-1985 Morphettville Park (AFC) 183cm
Courtney Gum 25-09-1981 Morphettville Park (AFC) 169cm
Tait Mackrill 3-09-1999 Morphettville Park (AFC) 166cm
Alana Browne 1985-09-03 Christies Beach 165cm
Angela Moritz 1986-04-03 Morphettville Park 156cm
Bree Maslen 1999-06-17 Morphettville Park 168cm
Brianna Walling 1999-09-26 Morphettville Park 155cm
Bridgette Needs 1990-06-10 Mount Lofty 187cm
Bronwen Bosley 2000-10-19 Morphettville Park 164cm
Cassie Hartley 1974-08-25 West Adelaide 168cm
Charlotte Dawe 1995-06-05 Morphettville Park 162cm
Eloise Jones 1999-04-28 Morphettville Park 170cm
Elora Fisher 1989-03-02 Adelaide University 167cm
Emily Woods 1982-04-09 West Adelaide 167cm
Hannah Crump 1995-07-12 West Adelaide 172cm
Jessica Allan 1999-05-26 Salisbury 183cm
Katelyn Wilson 1996-03-19 West Adelaide 162cm
Kendall Howell 1997-04-17 Port Adelaide 172cm
Lauren Buchanan 1983-10-17 Morphettville Park 171cm
Lisa Kennedy 1991-08-18 Port Adelaide 161cm
Lucy Bellinger 1993-11-06 West Adelaide 176cm
Mel Koster 1990-10-16 Christies Beach 168cm
Montana McKinnon 2001-07-14 Morphettville Park 183cm
Sheridan Howell 1997-04-17 Port Adelaide 173cm
Tahlia Castellano 1992-01-10 TBC 156cm
Tamika Nash-Hahn 1999-07-14 Christies Beach 165cm
Caitlin Williams Morphettville Park
Danielle Goding Morphettville Park

North Adelaide Team list

Erin Phillips   Adelaide FC  
Ebony Marinoff Adelaide FC
Chelsea Randall Adelaide FC
Anne Hatchard Adelaide FC
Ashleigh Woodland 09-09-98 Salisbury/AFC 173cm
Chloe Scheer 07-09-99 Modbury/AFC 165cm
Jessica Edwards 20-09-89 Adelaide University/AFC 169cm
Nicole Mark 02-05-94 Salisbury/AFC 174cm
Brittany Perry 1994-03-09 Angle Vale 165cm
Courtney Jensen 1997-05-07 Angle Vale 166cm
Courtney Roberts 03-08-95 Modbury 170cm
Hannah Pavlovich 1997-01-13 Salisbury 167cm
Jasmine Antrobus 14-05-95 Ingle Farm 167cm
Jayme-Lee Sonneman 1991-01-30 Salisbury 171cm
Jenna Maloney 1985-03-21 Greenacres 172cm
Jessica Schulz 1991-09-28 Adelaide University 164cm
Katelyn Rosenzweig 2000-06-29 Angle Vale 174cm
Kathryn Reynolds 1983-03-18 Port Adelaide 157cm
Kelly Barltrop 1993-03-28 Adelaide University 182cm
Kyesha Christensen 1999-05-04 Salisbury 136cm
Leah Tynan 1991-09-18 Greenacres 162cm
Lesley Burrows 1986-02-03 Angle Vale 173cm
Margaret Varcoe 31-12-90 Angle Vale 165cm
Marinet Morgan 1981-09-07 Greenacres 165cm
Melissa Wilson 1983-12-08 Greenacres 169cm
Nikki Thompson 1999-11-22 Modbury 166cm
Paige Allan 1998-06-11 Salisbury 169cm
Sarah Ellis 03-02-87 Angle Vale 158
Shae Lena Pacifico Hart 1991-03-02 Mount Lofty 160cm
Tara Anderson 1992-11-07 Ingle Farm 164cm
Teena Leicester 10-03-93 Greenacres 160cm
Maddie Willis Port Adelaide


Norwood Team List

Courtney Cramey   Adelaide FC  
Georgia Bevan Adelaide FC
Jessica Sedunary Adelaide FC
Kellie Gibson Adelaide FC
Sarah Perkins Adelaide FC
Rebekka McMahon 21-12-87 Port Adelaide (AFC) 167cm
Nicola Burns 28-07-94 Adelaide University (AFC) 172cm
Leah Cutting 14-03-92 Morphettville Park (AFC) 184cm
Nikki Gore 11-12-00 CBFC (AFC) 162cm
Aajiah Jericho 02-08-96 Morphettville Park 157cm
Bec Wells 1996-02-25 Port Adelaide 167cm
Caitlen Teague 1997-08-12 Modbury 160cm
Cassandra Tsoumbris 1991-02-11 Adelaide University 164cm
Cherie Bamford 1991-01-09 Mount Barker 165cm
Demi Sonneman 1997-04-17 Salisbury 172cm
Ebony O'Dea 1998-11-15 Adelaide University 167cm
Ellen Maple 1995-05-09 Mount Lofty 162cm
Emily Fricker 1992-09-08 Greenacres 155cm
Georgia Taylor 1996-02-06 Adelaide University 172cm
Kayla Edwards 27-12-90 Adelaide University 172cm
Kristi Harvey 1988-11-30 Adelaide University 172cm
Lauren Taylor 27-01-92 Mount Barker 156cm
Lucy Northcott 1997-08-09 Mount Lofty 173cm
Matilda van Riel 1991-02-26 Adelaide University 177cm
Nicole Tucker 1991-10-05 Modbury 180cm
Nicole Collie 1994-01-13 Adelaide University 175cm
Phoebe Rowberry 1989-09-07 Mount Lofty 163cm
Sarah Watherston 1982-02-01 Adelaide University 172cm
Sophie Li 1988-03-31 Adelaide University 165cm
Tara Robertson 1984-02-22 Mount barker 160cm
Tess Maple 1995-05-09 Mount Lofty 169cm
Whitney Benson 1993-04-28 Adelaide University 178cm
Danielle Stewart Modbury
Karissa Searle Modbury


West Adelaide Team List

Monique Hollick   Adelaide FC  
Rachael Killian Adelaide FC
Rhiannon Metcalfe Adelaide FC
Sarah Allan Adelaide FC
Talia Radan Adelaide FC
Louella McCarthy 03-08-90 West Adelaide (AFC)
Kirsty Degabriele 13-03-84 West Adelaide (AFC) 160cm
Allison Evans 29-10-92 West Adelaide (AFC) 178cm
Brooke Trevena 1991-08-25 West Adelaide 169cm
Caitlyn Swanson 1994-11-14 Morphettville Park 166cm
Carly Tolson 1990-02-19 West Adelaide 165cn
Casey Fraser 1995-12-04 West Adelaide 165cm
Courtney Thomas 29-06-93 Adelaide University 162cm
Elizabeth Grosvenor 1986-01-13 West Adelaide 156cm
Emma Faint 1992-05-14 TBC 168cm
Esther Boles 2000-08-03 Morphettville Park 155cm
Jaslynne Smith 17-08-00 Morphettville Park 168cm
Jenna Caulfield 1989-09-01 Adelaide University 172cm
Julie Power 1984-12-22 Adelaide University 167cm
Kate Hilton 1981-09-26 West Adelaide 172cm
Lilla Berry 1993-10-20 Ingle Farm 168cm
Lowana Schmucker 1992-10-16 Morphettville Park 163cm
Nicole Baker 1994-05-20 Salisbury 167cm
Rachel King 1991-08-05 Adelaide University 166cm
Rachel Searle 1991-07-31 Christies Beach 180cm
Sam Allan 1995-02-25 TBC 183cm
Sarah Masiero 1982-02-18 West Adelaide 162cm
Sarah Densley 2000-02-09 Morphettville Park 175cm
Shannen Solly 1993-05-14 TBC 173cm
Sophie Hoyle 1993-06-26 Salisbury 165cm
Stacey Richardson 05-04-84 Adelaide University 168cm
Tara McDermott 1985-08-06 West Adelaide 158cm
Danielle Cresp West Adelaide




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