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Click here to see the Round 17 Macca’s League teams. Three games will be played on Saturday, with Glenelg, Central and South all needing victories to enhance their chances of playing in the major round. Two matches will be held on Sunday, with the Eagles looking to sew up the minor premiership against Adelaide and Norwood seeking to keep alive its hope of a finals double chance by toppling Port at Alberton.

Saturday August 19
Central District v West Adelaide (My Money House Oval) – 2.10pm
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Central may make just one change for its must-win game against West on Saturday.

Knee victim Isaya McKenzie will miss the last two matches due to the injury suffered against Norwood last Saturday.

His potential replacements include key forward Connor McLean, Josh Richardson and Josh Waldhuter, with all three players named on the extended interchange bench.


F: T. Schiller, Butcher, Milne

HF: Jenner, Hannath, Glenn

C: L. Habel, Holman, Goodrem

HB: Hanna, Stephenson, Barmby

B: Haydon, F. Fort, Llewellyn


R: D. Fort, J. Schiller, Jansen

INT: Hoskin, McLean, Presbury, Richardson, Waldhuter

IN: McLean, Richardson, Waldhuter

OUT: McKenzie (knee)

Antonie, Blenkiron, Boyle, Broadwood, Coleman, Dahms, Elbrow, Falkenberg, Greig, J. Habel, Hamon, Hewett, Lehman, McLennan, Nason, Prior, Reichert, Stevens, Stewart, Templeton, Watts, Weaver.

Ahmatt-Lovett. Andrews, Billing, Cannizzaro, Carnelly, Carpenter, Cormack, Dearlove, Dowse, East, Furnell, Lange, Materne, Milera, Montgomerie, Nietschke, O’Brien, Payne, D. Pilkington, B. Pilkington, Russo, Schiller, Shaw, Shinnick, Smit, Spence.


West Adelaide could have another two debutants against Central on Saturday.

Patrick Fairlie (18-years-old) from Goodwood Saints and Lachlan Ryan (21-years-old) from Mildura have both been included on the extended interchange bench.

Murray Waite, John Noble, Josh Ryan and Jack Evans have also been included in the Bloods’ 23-man squad.

Key defender Jake Wilson is out with a groin complaint while Taite Silverlock, Zac Bates, and Nick Favretto have been sent back to the Reserves.


F: Rankine, Wasley-Black, Green

HF: Karpany, Middleton, Waite

C: Batley, Schiller, Hill

HB: Schmidt, Burgess, J. Ryan

B: Caire, Keough, Agostino


R: McPherson, K. Stevens, Fielke

INT: L. Ryan, Fairlie, Noble, Turner, J. Evans

IN: L. Ryan, Waite, Noble, J. Ryan, Fairlie, J. Evans

OUT: Wilson (groin), Bates, Favretto, Silverlock

Silverlock, Favretto, Haysman, Head, Anderson, Klemke, Pillion, Peter, Carger, Bates, Iannucci, I. Johnson, Majok, Holliday, Scott, Vassallo, Halkias, J. Stevens, Lynch, L. Evans, Bottin.

Hunan, Eichner, Gutsche, Baker, Crump, Walton, Inglis, Boots, Jones, Milsom, Wellington, Field, Tierney, Laube, Milde, Sinderberry, Heitmann, Smithson, Rana, Hocking, Thilithorpe, Horstman, Westley, Wright, Dunkin, Avery, Hannagan.

Glenelg v North Adelaide (Gliderol Stadium) – 2.10pm
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Glenelg has regained two first-choice players for its clash with North on Saturday.

Half-back Christian Howard has overcome a hip complaint while star forward Terry Milera is back from a week’s rest.

They have been joined in the 23-man squad by tough utility Jack Haarsma and McDonald’s SA U18 player Alex Martini, who have both been named on the extended interchange bench.

Tall utilities Todd Slade and Brad Merrett have been sent back to the Reserves.

Ruckman Warrick McGinty will play his 100th Macca’s League match.


F: I. Milera, McBean, T. Milera

HF: Vitkunas, Scott, McFarlane

C: Howard, Snook, Nicholson

HB: Scharenberg, Curran, Agnew

B: Proud, Sellar, Joseph


R: McGinty, Sawford, Barry

INT: Earl, Chalmers, J. Edwards, Haarsma, Martini

IN: Howard, T. Milera, Martini, Haarsma

OUT: Slade, B. Merrett

Bailey, J. Boyle, Buchanan, Cock, Denton, B. Edwards, Farquhar, Hill, Hosie, Koster, McCarthy, B. Merrett, M. Merrett, Noble, Papatolis, Schott, Slade, Strange, Sullivan, Trembath, Walker.

Boyle, Carney, Chichester, Corso, Cubillo, R. Davis, Dowdell, Flinn, Inglis, N. Jones, T. Jones, L. Edwards, Leck, Liambis, Lockwood, Mallen, Masters, C. McCarthy, Murphy, Park, Potter, Satala, Smith, Tugwell.


North Adelaide will be without a star midfielder for its match against Glenelg on Saturday.

Former Melbourne on-baller Jordie McKenzie won’t be risked after suffering concussion in the first term against Adelaide last Saturday.

Joe Anderson, Sam De Leonardis, Callum Wilkie and potential debutant Frazer Driscoll (20, 191cm and 82kg) are among the inclusions in the Roosters’ 23-man squad.

Defenders Ben Darrou and Michael Virgin have been sent back to the Reserves.


F: Hender, Ramsey, A. Barns

HF: Minervini, Harvey, Ryswyk

C: Kirk, M. Thring, Olekalns

HB: Wilkie, Smith, Driscoll

B: Wharton, C. Craig, Clisby


R: J. Craig, Schwarz, McDonough

INT: Anderson, De Leonardis, Driscoll, Wilkie

IN: Anderson, De Leonardis, Driscoll, Wilkie

OUT: McKenzie (concussion), Darrou, Virgin


F: Garlett, Woolford, Corbett
HF: Wohling, C. Barns, Helyar
C: G. Thring, Appleton, Crompton
HB: Boles, Grove, Wundke
B: Rogers, Darrou, Virgin

R: Sweet, Matsouliadis, Nixon
INT: Finckler, Issah, Purser

F: Hilder, Denham, Henriks
HF: Aplin, Langley, Borg
C: Neagle, Brereton, Rozee
HB: Coleman-Oakes, T. Finlay, Magor
B: Moore, K. Finlay, Smyrneos

R: Oborn, Kitschke, O’Leary
INT: Falcione, Scott, Scrutton, Gilgora, Byrne, Elsmore, Rack

Sturt v South Adelaide (Peter Motley Oval) – 2.10pm
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Sturt will have the services of a star midfielder against South on Saturday.

Premiership on-baller Aidan Riley has recovered from a hamstring strain which has kept him out since Round 13.

He has been joined in the Double Blues’ 23-man squad by Sean Samblich and Henry Voigt, with the latter two named on the extended interchange bench.

Emerging tall Tom Read will miss at least one match with a shoulder injury.


F: Hansen, Beard, Dodd

HF: Sutcliffe, M. Evans, Hone

C: Slimming, Battersby, Crocker

HB: Colquhoun, Stephens, Sumner

B: Page, F. Evans, Gilfoy


R: Osborn, Kirkwood, P. Wilson

INT: Riley, Harms, McMahon, Samblich, Voigt

IN: Riley, Samblich, Voigt

OUT: Read (shoulder)

F: Kennedy, Hayden, Applebee
HF: Trenorden, Houlahan, Penfold
C: Haren, Crowden, Veale
HB: Carey, Moriarty, D. Wilson
B: Coomblas, Campbell, Zerk-Thatcher

R: Edmonds, Thiele, Wildman
INT: McCatty, Telford, Mitchell

F: Cross, Parker-Boers, Woollard
HF: Richards, Smelt, Cavouras
C: Worthley, Hone, Lines
HB: Grivell, Grieve, Weidenhofer
B: Grundy, Longden, Fielke

R: Mitchell, Illman, Allan
INT: Ortiz, Trevorrow, Coombe, Welsby
EMG: Smith, McDonald, Braidwood, Ashby


South Adelaide’s midfield will be boosted by the return of a star player to confront Sturt on Saturday.

Last year’s joint Best-and-Fairest Brede Seccull will play his first game since being sidelined in Round 8 with a finger injury.

Seccull has been joined by first-year utility Alex Moyle, who has been listed on the extended interchange bench.

Ruckman Daniel Bass will play his 100th Macca’s League match while midfielder Nic Schwarz will chalk up his 50th.


F: Damin, Davis, Raitt

HF: Rankine, Ellison, Szust

C: Newell, Cross, Gulden

HB: Fields, Cailotto, Rose

B: Redigolo, Durdin, Haines


R: Bass, Heaslip, Liddle

INT: Seccull, Veide, Schwarz, Moyle, Crabb

IN: Seccull, Moyle

Tyllis, Aurrichio, Barnes, Jolly, Kappler, Neville, J. Taylor, Overall, Millman, Brown, Fairlie, S. Taylor, Helyar, Krueger, Noble, Blackwell, Irra, McKinnon Anderson. EMG: Allevi, Harvey.

Beenham, Sampson, Williams, Illingworth, Penn, Arnold, Tucker-Cook, Mayes, Bogle, Fitt, Whitbread, Daniels, Davies, Manuel, Coleman, Colwell, Sowter, Wilkinson, McGree, Snelling, Douglass, Gaspari, Bradford, Steele, Lawrie, Carapetis.

Sunday August 20
Eagles v Adelaide (Maughan Thiem Hyundai Oval) – 2.10pm
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Woodville-West Torrens has been strengthened by the return of three experienced stars for the game against Adelaide on Sunday.

Seeking to sew up the minor premiership, the Eagles have included co-captain Pat Giuffreda, running defender Matt Goldsworthy and ruckman Marc Borholm in the 23-man squad.

Borholm has been listed on the extended interchange bench along with fellow inclusion Jake Comitogianni, who has impressed in the Reserves.

Rhys Woods is expected to miss up to a month with an AC-joint injury while Jack Firns couldn’t be considered due to concussion.


F: Rowland, J. Hayes, N. Hayes

HF: Johansen, Wundke, Poole

C: Hall, Lewis, J. Gaffney

HB: Goldsworthy, Stewart, Heinjus

B: Giuffreda, Thompson, Sinor


R: West, Petrenko, Boyd

INT: Comitogianni, Borholm, McGregor, Haylock, Westbrook

IN: Giuffreda, Goldsworthy, Comitogianni, Borholm

OUT: Woods (shoulder), Firns (concussion)

F: Goold, Francis, T. Hoyle
HF: Moller, Lukosius, Friend
C: Wood, M. Mead, Schmusch
HB: Redden, Schwarz, Carter
B: McKinnon, McKay, Brill

R: Michael, Weidemann, Cook
INT: Burgoyne, Hann, Hillard, Rigney, Smith, Schultz


Adelaide has received a talent rush ahead of its crucial clash with the Eagles on Sunday.

AFL-listed quartet Harrison Wigg, Curtly Hampton, Kyle Hartigan and Kyle Cheney have been included in the 23-man squad along with development players Damon Hill and Kurt Waterman.

Four development players have been squeezed out, including Josh Wittwer, Blake Launer, Tom Pinyon and Daniel Fry.

Former Sturt midfielder Dean Gore will play his 50th Macca’s League match after making his debut in 2014.


F: Menzel, Dear, Jarman

HF: Beech, Hunter, Milera

C: Seedsman, Thompson, Signorello

HB: Hampton, Hartigan, Gore

B: Doedee, Cheney, Poholke


R: O’Brien, Wigg, Gallucci

INT: Davis, T. Lever, Murphy, Hill, Waterman

IN: Wigg, Hampton, Hartigan, Cheney, Hill, Waterman

OUT: Wittwer, Launer, Pinyon, Fry

Port Adelaide v Norwood (Alberton Oval) – 2.10pm
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Port Adelaide has received an injection of AFL talent for its match against Norwood on Sunday.

Brendon Ah Chee, Jack Hombsch and Jarman Impey have all been sent back from AFL duty while SANFL contracted Tom Gray and Louis Sharrad have been added to the extended interchange bench.

Riley Bonner and Todd Marshall have had the call up from Power coach Ken Hinkley while Billy Frampton will miss with a shoulder injury.


F: Krakouer, Trengove, Ah Chee

HF: Hewett, Eddy, Palmer

C: White, A. Young, Monfries

HB: Lienert, Hombsch, Impey

B: Toumpas, Austin, Irra


R: Lobbe, Snelling, Drew

INT: Atley, Ladhams, Summerton, T. Gray, Sharrad

IN: Ah Chee, Hombsch, Impey, T. Gray, Sharrad

OUT: Bonner (AFL), Marshall (AFL), Frampton (shoulder)

Baron, Biemans, Corcoran, Coxon, Davidson, Drummond, Ginever, Hampton, Harris, Mahney, Miller, Morgan, Proude, Reynolds, Roads, Ross, Rudloff, R. Young, Zavryl.


Triple premiership midfielder Tim Webber will return to face Port on Sunday.

Webber, who has been sidelined by a knee injury since Round 10, has been named on the extended interchange bench.

He has been joined in the Redlegs’ 23-man squad by unheralded Andrew Kirwan and 2014 premiership backman Alex Forster.

Anthony Giannini is the only certain exclusion at this stage, sent back to the Reserves.


F: Smart, Shenton, Wilson

HF: A. Forster, Dawe, Panos

C: Nunn, Grigg, Kirwan

HB: Terlich, Georgiou, McKenzie

B: T. Forster, Levicki, Jefferies


R: Baulderstone, Roocke, Fuller

INT: Bampton, Richards, Johnston, Olsson, Webber

IN: Webber, Kirwan, A. Forster

OUT: Giannini

Carter, Bielby, Giro, Bartlett, Bower, T. Charlton, Astbury, Fahlbusch-Moore, Giannini, Miller, J. Richards, M. Coles, J. Coles, Breden, Viney, Carroll, Pedro, Collins, Hupfeld, North, Saywell.

Ware, M. Carroll, Theodorakopoulos, Atkinson, Patterson, Partridge, Draper, Petrohilos, Smith, Pacitti, Joseph, Reynolds, Mundy, T. Martin, Davidson-Smith, Dawson, Trepka, Miller, J. Martin, Kalafatis, Barnett, Blades.


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