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Click here to see the Round 16 Macca’s League teams. All five matches will be played on Saturday afternoon, with the live Channel 7 telecast featuring the clash between Norwood and Central District at The Parade. The Under-18 Torrens Uni Cup will resume this weekend after having a week off.

Saturday August 12
North Adelaide v Adelaide (Prospect Oval) – 2.10pm
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North Adelaide has been boosted by the return of its first-choice ruckman to clash with Adelaide on Saturday.

Former Crow James Craig has recovered from the groin injury which has sidelined him since Round 13.

His presence forces coach Josh Carr to make a call on his replacement Jordon Sweet, who has been named on the extended interchange bench.

Former Magpies forward Alex Barns and running defender Michael Virgin have also been called up to the 23-man squad.

Sam McInerney is the only certain exclusion at this stage, with two more players to be trimmed before the bounce.


F: M. Thring, Ramsey, Harvey

HF: Hender, Smith, Ryswyk

C: Kirk, McKenzie, Clisby

HB: Wilkie, C. Craig, Minervini

B: Wharton, Darrou, Spina


R: J. Craig, Schwarz, McDonough

INT: A. Barns, Olekalns, Quinn, Sweet, Virgin

IN: A. Barns, J. Craig, Virgin

OUT: McInerney

F: Garlett, Finckler, Henricks
HF: Aplin, Langley, O’Leary
C: Neagle, Brereton, Crompton
HB: Coleman-Oakes, Finlay, Rogers
B: Moore, Falcione, Rack

R: Oborn, Matsouliadis, Dittmar
INT: Smyrneos, Hill, Scott, Brock, Gligora, Formosa, Issah, Borg


Adelaide will have plenty of pace for its clash with North on Saturday.

Speedy pair Paul Seedsman and Wayne Milera have returned to the 23-man squad to be named on the wings.

They have been joined by ruckman Reilly O’Brien, who has recovered from a back complaint to be named in the centre square and Myles Poholke.

Development player Tyson Lever, the younger brother of Jake Lever, has been named on a five-man extended interchange bench.


F: Menzel, Pinyon, Jarman

HF: Davis, Hunter, Beech

C: Seedsman, Thompson, Milera

HB: Poholke, Doedee, Murphy

B: Signorello, Dear, Gore


R: O’Brien, Gallucci, Wigg

INT: Launer, Wittwer, Marini, Fry, T. Lever

IN: Seedsman, Milera, T. Lever, O’Brien, Poholke

OUT: Haritgan (hamstring), Hill, Boxer

South Adelaide v Eagles (Hickinbotham Oval) – 2.10pm
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South Adelaide has injected some fresh faces into its line-up to face the Eagles on Saturday.

Athletic pair Bryce Damin (24, 190cm and 82kg) and Jesse McKinnon (19, 1292cm and 84kg) have been included in the 23-man squad.

Damin has played one Macca’s League match in Round 3, 2013 while McKinnon – the son of West Adelaide great Robbie McKinnon – will make his debut if selected.

Richard Newell returns to the win while Alex Moyle has been named on the extended interchange bench.

Mount Compass recruit Adam Hunter could miss just one match with a hip complaint while Rigby Barnes was sent back to the Reserves.


F: Damin, Davis, Veide

HF: Schwarz, Crabb, Szust

C: Newell, Cross, Gulden

HB: Fields, Cailotto, Rankine

B: Redigolo, Durdin, Rose


R: Ellison, Heaslip, Liddle

INT: Moyle, Haines, Raitt, Bass, McKinnon

IN: Damin, Newell, McKinnon, Moyle

OUT: Hunter (hip), Barnes

Allevi, Rolfe, Tyllis, Aurrichio, Barnes, Badger, Jolly, Kappler, Neville, Ah Chee, Fairlie, S. Taylor, Helyar, Bruce, Krueger, Steele, Noble, Blackwell, Irra. EMG: Albanese.

Beenham, Sampson, Williams, Illingworth, Penn, Arnold, Tucker-Cook, Coleman, Bogle, Whitbread, Daniels, Davies, Manuel, Colwell, Milsom, Sowter, Wilkinson, McGree, Snelling, Douglass, Gaspari, Bradford, Lawrie, Robertson.


The Eagles have taken a cautious approach with a star defender ahead of Saturday’s game against South.

Ball magnet Jarred Allmond will be given another week to rest his shoulder after being the only certain exclusion from the 23-man squad.

Tenacious rover Angus Poole has recovered from a back complaint to be named at half-forward while Rhys Woods and Joe Heinjus have been listed on the extended interchange bench.

From Crystal Brook, Heinjus (21, 190cm and 90kg) could potentially play his first Macca’s League match.

Lead ruckman Marc Borholm will return in the Reserves after recovering from a knee injury.


F: McGregor, N. Hayes, J. Gaffney

HF: Firns, Wundke, Poole

C: Johansen, Lewis, Haylock

HB: Rowland, Stewart, Hall

B: Westbrook, Thompson, Sinor


R: West, Petrenko, Boyd

INT: J. Hayes, Minney, Summerton, Woods, Heinjus

IN: Poole, Heinjus, Woods

OUT: Allmond (shoulder)

C. Gaffney, Moller, Comitogianni, Lukosius, Borholm, Giles, Longbottom, Lee, Elsworthy, Hoyle, W. McPherson, A. McPherson, Cardone, Miller, Georgeson,, Schmusch, Smith, Martin, Wehr.

F: Pickett, Francis, T. Hoyle
HF: Hann, Taylor, Friend
C: Wood, M. Mead, Goold
HB: McKinnon, Schwarz, Carter
B: Smith, McKay, Brill

R: Michael, Redden, Cook
INT: Armfield, Bondarenko, Burgoyne, Hillard, J. Mead, Schultz, Simpson

Sturt v Glenelg (Peter Motley Oval) – 2.10pm
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Sturt has welcomed back a star premiership player for its match against Glenelg on Saturday.

West End State defender Fraser Evans has overcome the hip ailment which kept him out of the Double Blues’ win against West Adelaide.

He has been named at centre half-back while fellow inclusion Jake Veale is one of five players listed on the extended interchange bench.


F: Hone, Beard, Read

HF: Sutcliffe, M. Evans, Hansen

C: Slimming, Battersby, Crocker

HB: Colquhoun, Stephens, Sumner

B: Page, F. Evans, Gilfoy


R: Osborn, Kirkwood, P. Wilson

INT: Dodd, Harms, McMahon, Crowden, Veale

IN: F. Evans, Veale

F: Kennedy, Hayden, Samblich
HF: Trenorden, Houlahan, Penfold
C: Applebee, Carey, Coomblas
HB: Edmonds, Moriarty, D. Wilson
B: Haren, Campbell, Zerk-Thatcher

R: Voigt, Thiele, Wildman
INT: McCatty, Telford

F: Cross, Parker-Boers, Woollard
HF: Richards, Munn, Cavouras
C: Worthley, Hone, Lines
HB: Grivell, Grieve, Weidenhofer
B: Grundy, Longden, Fielke

R: Mitchell, Illman, Allan
INT: Ortiz, Trevorrow, Coombe, Welsby
EMG: Smelt, McDonald, Braidwood, Ashby


Glenelg faces a tough challenge against Sturt on Saturday with the exclusion of two star players.

Half-back Christian Howard (hip) and classy forward Terry Milera (personal reasons) are unavailable for selection in the Tigers’ 23-man squad.

Consistent defender Jonty Scharenberg returns from a one-match ban for engaging in rough conduct with Port’s Todd Marshall while tall utilities Todd Slade and Damien Hill have also been named on the extended interchange bench.

Former West Adelaide wingman Tom Schott could play his first Macca’s League game for the Bays since arriving at Brighton Road last summer.

Glenelg ruckman Warrick McGinty will play his 100th Macca’s League match after making his debut in 2010.


F: I. Milera, McBean, Barry

HF: Vitkunas, Scott, B. Merrett

C: J. Edwards, McFarlane, Nicholson

HB: Scharenberg, Curran, Agnew

B: Proud, Sellar, Joseph


R: McGinty, Sawford, Snook

INT: Earl, Chalmers, Slade, Schott, Hill

IN: Slade, Scharenberg, Schott, Hill

OUT: Howard (hip), T. Milera (personal)

Bailey, H. Boyle, J. Boyle, Buchanan, Casey, Cock, B. Edwards, Farquhar, Haarsma, Hosie, Koster, Martini, McCarthy, M. Merrett, Papatolis, Robinson, Strange, Sullivan, Trembath, Walker, Wong.

F: R. Davis, Smith, C. McCarthy
HF: Leck, Noble, Masters
C: Park, Boyle, Denton
HB: Potter, Carney, McManus
B: Satala, Murphy, Dowdell

R: Flinn, Cubillo, L. Edwards
INT: T. Jones, Chichester, N. Jones, Lockwood, Mallen, Corso, Hosking, Tugwell

West Adelaide v Port Adelaide (City Mazda Stadium) – 2.10pm
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West Adelaide has been strengthened significantly by the inclusion of four premiership players to tackle Port on Saturday.

Captain Chris Schmidt, key backman Tom Keough, running defender Logan Hill and goalsneak Shannon Green have all been named on the field in the Bloods’ 23-man squad.

Schmidt has recovered from a hamstring strain while Keough has been sidelined by damage to his meniscus in his knee.

Oliver Johnson couldn’t be considered due to a knee injury while Tom Pillion was sent back to the Reserves.

Northern Territory recruit Errin Wasley-Black will play his 50th Macca’s League match.


F: Rankine, Fielke, Green

HF: Turner, Middleton, Bates

C: Batley, K. Stevens, Hill

HB: Agostino, Burgess, Wasley-Black

B: Caire, Wilson, Keough


R: McPherson, Schiller, Schmidt

INT: J. Stevens, Karpany, Noble, Silverlock, Favretto

IN: Hill, Schmidt, Keough, Green

OUT: O. Johnson (knee), Pillion

Waite, Head, Anderson, Pillion, Peter, Carger, J. Evans, Ryan, Iannucci, I. Johnson, Majok, Holliday, Scott, Vassallo, Halkias, Fairlie, J. Ryan, Lynch, L. Evans, Bottin.

Nunan, Eichner, Gutsche, Baker, Crump, Walton, Inglis, Boots, Jones, Milsom, Wellington, Field, Tierney, Laube, Milde, Sinderberry, Heitmann, Smithson, Rana, Hocking, Thilithorpe, Horstman, Westley, Wright, Dunkin, Avery, Hannagan.


Port Adelaide will benefit from the scoring powerr offered by two experienced forwards against West on Saturday.

Angus Monfries and Aaron Young have been sent back from AFL duty to regain form against the Bloods.

They have been joined in the 23-man squad by ruckman Peter Ladhams and SANFL contracted trio Nathan Rudloff, Louis Sharrad and Robbie Young.

Four players – Brendon Ah Chee, Dan Houston, Dougal Howard and Jake Neade – have been included in the Power’s squad to face Collingwood on Sunday.

Nathan Krakouer and Jesse Palmer will play their 50th Macca’s League matches.


F: Krakouer, Marshall, Lobbe

HF: Eddy, Monfries, Palmer

C: Hewett, Atley, Summerton

HB: Snelling, Lienert, Bonner

B: Toumpas, Austin, Irra


R: Frampton, A. Young, Drew

INT: Ladhams, T. Gray, Rudloff, Sharrad, R. Young

IN: Monfries, A. Young, Ladhams, Rudloff, Sharrad, R. Young

OUT: Ah Chee (Power), Houston (Power), Howard (Power), Neade (Power)

Baron, Biemans, Cooper, Corcoran, Davidson, Drummond, Ginever, Hampton, Harris, Mahney, Miller, Morgan, Proude, Reynolds, Roads, Ross, R. Young, Zavryl.

Norwood v Central District (Coopers Stadium) – 2.40pm
Live on Channel 7 | Live scores & stats at SANFL Website & App


Norwood coach Jarrod Cotton has opted not to risk one of his premiership defenders against Central on Saturday.

Redlegs captain Jace Bode has succumbed to a hamstring complaint which restricted him in the second half against the Eagles in Round 15.

As a result, Zac Richards, Alex Forster and Anthony Giannini have all been included on the five-man extended interchange bench as possible replacements.


F: Bampton, Johnston, Wilson

HF: Olsson, Dawe, Panos

C: Nunn, Grigg, Kirwan

HB: Terlich, Georgiou, McKenzie

B: Levicki, Shenton, Jefferies


R: Baulderstone, Roocke, Fuller

INT: Smart, Z. Richards, T. Forster, A. Forster, Giannini

IN: Z. Richards, Giannini, A. Forster

OUT: Bode (hamstring)

Carter, North, Giro, Carroll, Astbury, T. Charlton, Collins, Fahlbusch-Moore, Patterson, Pedro, Bielby, Saywell, Hupfeld, Breden, Viney, Miller, J. Richards, Bower, M. Coles, J. Coles.

Ware, Pacitti, J. Coles, Atkinson, Kalafatis, Breden, Martin, Davidson-Smith, Dawson, M. Carroll, Joseph, Hanuman, Morris, Partridge, Barnett, Blades, Trepka, Theodorakopoulos, Miller, Tziorzis, Patterson, Saywell, Draper, Petrohilos.


Central has regained a disciplined defender for its contest against Norwood on Saturday.

Former Redlegs backman Ryan Llewellyn has recovered from a minor hamstring strain to face his old side.

Named in the back pocket, Llewellyn is the only inclusion to the Bulldogs’ 22-man squad which must be trimmed by one before the bounce.

Jack Hannath and Josh Glenn will play both play their 50th Macca’s League matches after returning to the club from AFL stints at Fremantle and the Gold Coast respectively.


F: T. Schiller, Butcher, Milne

HF: Jenner, Hannath, Glenn

C: McKenzie, Holman, Goodrem

HB: Hanna, Stephenson, Barmby

B: Haydon, F. Fort, Llewellyn


R: D. Fort, J. Schiller, Jansen

INT: L. Habel, Hoskin, Presbury, Richardson

IN: Llewellyn

Antonie, Boyle, Broadwood, Claughton, Coleman, Dahms, Elbrow, Falkenberg, Greig, Hamon, Hately, Hewett, Lehman, McLean, McLennan, Nason, Prior, Reichert, Stevens, Templeton, Waldhuter, Weaver.

Andrews, Billing, Cannizzaro, Carnelly, Carpenter, Cormack, Dearlove, Dowse, East, Elbrow, Furnell, Lange, Materne, Montgomerie, Nietschke, O’Brien, Payne, D. Pilkington, B. Pilkington, Russo, Schiller, Shaw, Shinnick, Shirley, Watts.


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