Accreditation and Reaccreditation

Accreditation and Re-accreditation – Coach.AFL Membership

Recently the AFL has undertaken a review of the accreditation and reaccreditation process, coach education programs  and coach support on a national level.


Following extensive research, analysis and consultation, it was identified that an opportunity existed to enhance the support and development of coaches nationally.

Coach.AFL has been created with these key objectives in mind:

  • A deeper understanding of the coaching community
  • Creating a more accessible entry level accreditation
  • Providing a centralised accessible resource centre that delivers content tailored to the individual coach and playing profile of the team

Coach.AFL will provide coaches of all levels with online education courses and modules, articles, videos, downloadable PDFs, and access to a drill library which can be filtered to suit the age group being coached. Click here to access CoachAFL



The entry level accreditation is now called Foundation (replacing Level One), and is an online course for the specific age group the individual is coaching – senior, youth or junior. All new coaches need to complete a Foundation online course to be accredited as a team coach.

The Foundation online courses are now available on

Accreditation is now directly linked to the CoachAFL memberships, so new to accreditation and reaccreditations will now be processed here.


Coach.AFL provides a support team for coaches. Trained and specialising in all things coaching, the team will be able to assist coaches with the following:

  • Trouble Shooting
  • Accreditation Status
  • Technical Support
  • General help

The Coaching Support Team will be contactable via email or the “Get in Touch” form on Coach.AFL



Coach.AFL will be based on annual membership model supporting ongoing coach education.  Coaches will attain points for annual re-accreditation via a number of means including but not limited to coaching experience, online education on Coach.AFL and attendance at SANFL coaching workshops found here


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