Become a Coach


SANFL_CoachingSANFL and its affiliate clubs support compulsory accreditation at Level 1 and Level 2 respectively.

The interaction of coaches within SANFL clubs is of the utmost importance.

With the assistance of SANFL and its Clubs, the AFL has established the Club Coaching Coordinator Mentor Program for coaches.

This program allows coaches to improve their performance through the use of technology and face-to-face discussion with educated mentors.

Specially tailored courses are run in the APY Lands and other remote Aboriginal communities for coaches to gain qualification to coach in their regions.


•  491 coaches completed the Level 1 Coaches Course
•  46 coaches completed the Level 2 Coaches Course
• Total course attendees and re-accreditations:  873 coaches



South Australia supports the AFL’s mandatory accreditation policy where coaches MUST have completed an approved AFL coaching accreditation course if they are appointed to a coaching position. This is critical for those coaching children. Coaches must be accredited before the commencement of their second year of coaching.

Re-Accreditation Guidelines

Types of AFL Recognised Accredited coaching courses

  • Junior Level 1 (Junior)
  • Level 1 (Youth) Club and school coaches of teenagers
  • Level 1 (Senior) Coaches of adults (open age)
  • AFL Level 2 (Youth/Senior)
  • AFL High Performance (Level 3)

These various types of coaching courses are designed to suit specific needs of participants in each of the coaching (age) groups.

Download the AFL National Coaching Accreditation Scheme Brochure