BankSA Rookies

Introduced in 2016, the BankSA Rookie recognition scheme is an initiative of SANFL’s Community Football department to recognise the role Country and Amateur League football clubs play in developing League footballers.

For each BankSA Rookie who makes their debut in the Macca’s League, that player’s original junior club will receive a talent payment of $500 and a framed photo of that player to hang in their clubrooms.

Round Name SANFL Club Home Club
18 Dustin Head West Border Downs TIntinara
18 Jesse McKinnon South Victor Harbor FC
16 Joe Heinjus Eagles Crystal Brook FC
15 Jackson Edwards Glenelg Henley FC
14 Daniel Minney Eagles South Clare FC
14 Ryan Marini Adelaide Pembroke OS FC/Payneham FC
14 Jordon Sweet North Tea Tree Gully FC
13 Chris Olsson Norwood Tea Tree Gully FC
13 Josh Vandermeer Adelaide Flagstaff Hill FC
12 Jackson Lee Eagles Brinkworth Spalding Redhill FC
12 Josh Dodd Sturt Mannum FC
12 Cody Szust South Bridgewater FC
11 Braden Altus Adelaide Willunga FC
11 Brayden Kirk North Crystal Brook FC
11 Daniel Fry Adelaide Goolwa/Port Elliott FC
10 Jack Firns Eagles Seaton Ramblers FC
10 Marcus Barreau Central South Gawler FC
9 Alex Moyle South Reynella FC
9 Dylan Weaver Central Tea Tree Gully FC
9 Jake Westbrook Eagles Paskeville FC
9 Ben Walter Central Loxton North FC
8 Lee Minervini North Gaza FC
8 Todd Slade Glenelg Brinkworth Spalding Redhill FC
8 Tyler McPherson West PHOS Camden FC
7 Dakota Nixon North Gepps Cross FC
7 Tom Pinyon Adelaide Mount Compass FC
6 Josh Stevens West Unley Jets FC
5 Will Hewett Central Broughton Mundoora FC
4 Matt Raitt South Flagstaff Hill FC
4 Darcy Fogarty Glenelg Lucindale FC
3 Tom Pillion West Henley FC
5 Dwayne Wilson Sturt Imperials FC
3 Sam McInerney North Jamestown-Peterborough FC
3 Connor Fairlie South Goodwood Saints FC
3 John Boxer Adealaide Gaza FC
3 Blake Launer Adelaide Eudunda-Robertstown FC
2 Joel Thiele Sturt Unley Jets FC
2 Josh Richardson Central Salisbury North FC
1 Tom Read Sturt Pembroke School
1 Mitch Crowden Sturt Meadows FC
1 Jake Comitogianni Eagles Woodville South FC
1 Jack Hayes Eagles BSR FC
1 Ryan Llewellyn Central Tea Tree Gully FC
1 Blake Helyar North Tea Tree Gully FC
1 Mark Quinn North Tea Tree Gully FC
1 Zac Bates West Barmera Monash FC
1 Chol Majok West Flagstaff Hill FC
1 Ian Milera Glenelg Koonibba FC
1 Alex Martini Glenelg Brighton FC

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